2018 baseball and glove

Poll: Baseball’s Legends Overshadow Baseball’s Current Stars

On the eve of the 2018 MLB All-Star Game, our latest poll reveals that stars of yesteryear in Major League Baseball have better name recognition than any of the current league’s all-star players.

Professional players that are currently playing ball are less likely to be household names, a trend we notice is more recent. Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and even more recent, but retired stars like Derek Jeter and Barry Bonds have name ids greater than 70% at the national level. Mike Trout, the most popular current all-star, only has 50% name recognition and Kris Bryant, who was the National League’s MVP two years ago, is the most unknown current baseball player of those tested, with only 38% awareness.

When it comes to interest in this year’s All-Star game, a narrow majority of respondents plan on watching the game and even less plan on watching the home run derby. DC respondents are much more likely to watch these events, given that they take place in DC.

Baseball and football still sit atop of American sports interest.  Football remains most popular with 54% favorability, baseball a close second with 52%.  Near the bottom of American’s favorite sports are NASCAR, Golf, and Soccer.

When it comes to Harper, it’s important to note that DC baseball fans like him as he has a 74% favorable opinion rating.  However, they don’t think he’s fully living up to his potential and only 52% of the fans think he’ll be back in a Nationals uniform next season.

Full topline results here.