New Polling: Key Battleground Senate Race Numbers Released

Texas and Tennessee competitive, weeks out from midterm elections

Midterms are just around the corner, and with 47 days left to go, PopPolling is conducting surveys among active voters in some of the most talked about Senate races. This week, PopPolling released results for Texas, Tennessee and California.


In Texas, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke remain in a close race for Senate. Overall, 50 percent of voters support Cruz and 50 percent support O’Rourke. While Senator Cruz has solidified his base, Congressman O’Rourke leads among Independents 56 percent to 44 percent.

The survey also finds Governor Abbott is well-positioned for his re-election bid with 55 percent of voters saying they will support him compared to 45 percent who support Democrat Lupe Valdez.


In the Tennessee Senate contest, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn and former Governor Phil Bredesen continue to run in a tight race. Bredesen leads Blackburn by two points, with 51 percent supporting the former Governor compared to 49 percent who support Congresswoman Blackburn.

Voters prefer Republicans on both the generic (56%/44%) and Gubernatorial (55%/46%) ballot, suggesting Blackburn has a significant opportunity to grow her base of support.

“With just over six weeks until Election Day, former Governor Phil Bredesen and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn are locked in a dead heat in a state President Donald Trump won by over 20 points two years ago.” said Macy Cambio, PopPolling Managing Director. “Tennessee is a must win state if Democrats have any hope of flipping the Senate this November. While the fundamentals of the state suggest Blackburn is well positioned going in to November, Phil Bredesen is running a tight race in one of the most closely watched contests in the nation.”


In the race for California Senate, Senator Dianne Feinstein leads State Senator Kevin de León by 10 points, 55 percent to 45 percent. Name recognition remains a key factor in the race. Only 8 percent of California voters said they are unaware of Feinstein, compared to 33 percent of voters who are unaware of de León.

“While Senator Feinstein is ahead in polls going into the final stretch of the campaign, the race is much tighter than many would expect,” said Macy Cambio PopPolling Managing Director. “It should be a point of concern for Senator Feinstein and her supporters that her lead is so narrow, despite the fact that a whopping one-third of California voters aren’t familiar with her opponent.”


Click the following links for full results and methodology: Texas, Tennessee, & California.