4 Easy Ways to Survive the Spring Cleaning Hassle

Spring cleaning sounds fancy, right? Yes, it does, but the task itself is far from fancy. It is very overwhelming, and often, people don’t know how to go about it without feeling anxious at the thought of it. The fact is, spring cleaning has to be done. One way or the other.

Even if it means running around town all day to look for the most affordable residential window cleaning in Ogden because you hate cleaning windows. To ease your anxiety and fear of spring cleaning, try out these hacks.

Make a Cleaning Checklist and a Schedule

Look around your home. Take a walk around your compound as well. Which areas do you think need the most work and which areas can you skip? Now, take a piece of paper and write down every area that needs your attention.

Start from the most visible places like the kitchen to the hardest to reach places like the top of your bedroom cabinets. What you are preparing is a cleaning checklist. This is an example of how detailed it should be in an area like, for example, your kitchen:

* Clean up the spice rack and refill the spice jars
* Clean out grout
* Clean all the appliances
* De-clutter the cabinets and drawers
* Clean pantry
* Clean oven
* Polish silverware
* Defrost the freezer and sort out foodstuffs

A checklist will keep you grounded and focused. It will reduce the anxiety of not knowing what and where to start. It will also ensure that you clean every corner of your house. Once you are done with a checklist, come up with a schedule. You need to allocate time and days to your cleaning.

Doing it all in one day is quite impossible. Spread it across a month if possible. Make sure that you clean out the allocated area within the timeframe you have set before moving on to the next. Simply, follow your checklist and schedule!

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Start with De-cluttering

De-cluttering will make your work half-difficult. Not only is it impossible to maneuver through a cluttered room, but, psychologically, it makes you feel stressed and anxious. You get the feeling that the work ahead of you is too big a mountain.

Set aside time to sort through your closets, cabinets, piles of clothes and don’t forget your pantry and garage. Dispose of what you don’t need including what you haven’t used in the last six months.

You will be surprised at how motivated you will be for the clean up after the de-cluttering.

Gather all your cleaning tools and supplies beforehand

Gather every device and cleaning supplies that you will need beforehand. You don’t want to leave your tasks midway because you suddenly remembered that you didn’t restock your detergents.  Check your cleaning gadgets. Are they are in good condition?

The last time you probably used some of them is during your last spring cleaning, so it’s important to check if they are still functional. Put together your cleaning items in a caddy in readiness for your cleaning. Any slight distraction and you will lose the momentum.

And you know what that leads to PROCRASTINATION.

Start your clean up from the top to bottom

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning. Start your cleaning from the top, then the sides, and finally down. Dust the fans, ceiling and remove cobwebs. Wipe the walls, windows, furniture, and doors then now clean the floor. This ensures that you don’t do any double work.

To motivate yourself, take a before picture of the room you are about to clean and an after pic. See the difference? That right there is enough motivation. So keep going, your efforts are all worth it.

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