A Clarion Call for Water Conservation in Daily Life

Water conservation is not a choice. Everyone should do it in a world where drought has become a byword. Your region may not be experiencing significant water shortages, but billions of people face dire consequences every day.

Wetlands are drying up, and entire ecosystems are becoming extinct. Water conservation is not just a means to lower your utility bills. It is a necessary measure to help preserve our way of life.

Clean water is a valuable resource

Do not take for granted the fact that you only have to turn on a faucet and you have immediate access to clean drinking water. So many children and their families must travel a long way to have access to clean water.

Millions of homes in developing countries do not have the assurance of access to clean water on a daily basis. Installation of a system for water recycling is now an essential consideration for communities that suffer from drought, which affects residential communities and industries with a considerable impact.

Being mindful of your own water consumption will foster a new attitude. And you will become a person who recognises the importance of clean water in a world of dwindling resources.

Save water in your daily activities

You may not be thinking about your activities as contributing to wasteful water usage, but what if we look at your daily activities more closely? Leaving the water running while you brush your pearly whites is wasting water. It is simply irresponsible.

Taking luxuriously long showers can be considered an act of wastefulness as well. Buying a new washing machine is just like buying any household appliance, which means you choose one that suits your budget. Yet, energy and water-saving appliances are in the market as well.

How you conduct everyday activities is probably the same way billions of other people go about their own routine. If you do the math, a pitcher of water that you waste multiplied by a billion makes a billion litres of water.

That is the same volume of water in a small freshwater lake – the amount of water we waste just by brushing our teeth, taking a shower, and using a washing machine. Knowing this now, would you gladly make changes in the way you brush your teeth, take a shower, and choose a household appliance?

Dwindling water resources

Horizontal image of a tap with water flowing slowly during a period of scarcity

The world’s oceans make our planet blue – make us unique in the universe – the only known planet with surface water. While the world’s bodies of water make up most of the surface of the earth, only about 2% is fresh water, and only half of that is accessible to us.

At the rate we are consuming water, we are already making it difficult for everyone on the planet to have their fill of clean water. The pollution that is making our water resources not viable for drinking is another matter altogether. But it is another manifestation of the negligent and haphazard attitude we have towards the resources offered by our home planet.

A human being will not survive for more than 10 days without adequate drinking water. Saving water is important and urgent. What are you prepared to do?

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