Amazing Business Ideas to Steal in 2021

We may have witnessed a lot of business closures and bankruptcies this year, but 2020 still opened doors for new product and service ideas. Online stores flourished, food delivery services soared, and cleaning and sanitation products became the top necessity for every home and commercial establishment.

Suffice to say, 2021 is looking bright for entrepreneurs. Though we won’t likely welcome the new year with gusto, the midnight of January 1st will still symbolize starting fresh. And for business-minded folks, starting fresh is always about cultivating new ideas and turning them into a profitable venture.

That said, watch out for these products and services that will be big in 2021:

1. Online Bookkeeping

Now that most startups are in the e-commerce sector, accountants or bookkeepers can now make their services online-based. As an online bookkeeper, you can have the freedom and autonomy to run your own business, just like any other entrepreneur. You can also discover plenty of modern technology that will make your job faster and easier, allowing you to take several clients at once.

2. Professional Organizing

If you also got hooked to “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, you’ve probably gained an interest in organizing too. Thanks to that show, many people realized that they can’t de-clutter and organize their stuff on their own. So if you have an aptitude for placing things in order, try out professional organizing. Busy work-from-home employees with kids attending online school are likely to demand your service the most.

3. Athleisure

Google Trend Graph shows rising demand for athleisure wear. Indeed, workout challenge videos shot to popularity in the middle of the lockdowns, encouraging people to purchase activewear. Moreover, because none of us can go anywhere far with health protocols in place, the most trips we made were grocery and drugstore runs, both of which don’t require extra fashionable clothing. As such, we developed a style that’s a combination of athletic and leisure wear.

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4. Dog Bed

Since the lockdowns prompted us to spend more time with our pets, we spoiled our furbabies with more attention and affection. But although we’d love to let them sleep on our beds, their fur and dander can make such a bothersome mess. So dog beds became a necessity. If you also own a pet, you surely know how it can change your life.

5. Home Care Services

Our aging population is increasing the demand for home care services. If you have a background in hospitality and care, you may be able to provide seniors with high-quality in-home assistance, which involves running errands and performing home repairs. Luckily, you don’t need a background in healthcare to start this business, but it will be advantageous especially if you decide to expand to assisted living services.

6. Signage Printing Services

Though e-commerce skyrocketed this year, they’re not going to kill traditional brick-and-mortar retail. As such, print ads and eye-catching store signage will never lose their appeal. Industry experts themselves shared that print will continue to be valuable, especially to luxury consumers who still prefer tangible ad platforms. Moreover, the widespread use of digital media only made any printed material more special.

But as a new and unknown signage provider, you may not get many customers, because the brick-and-mortars around your area are probably getting their signage and prints from a well-known provider already. Hence, consider franchising. Sign business opportunities are easier to embark on when you’re backed up by a tried-and-true brand.

7. Ring Lights

Because of the tremendous success of well-known and loved YouTubers like PewDiePie, James Charles, and many others, more people are getting encouraged to start their own channels as well. As a result, the demand for affordable media equipment, including the ring light, rose. Plus, ring lights come in handy in Zoom meetings!

Conduct market research now to determine which of these business ideas will bring prosperity to your 2021. If you nail your startup, you may even create new demand or trend.

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