Business Is Picking Up: Ways to Make Money With Your Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are quite durable, high-powered, and versatile, which allows them to be more than just a means of transportation. For the business-minded, you can turn your pickup truck into a means to earn extra cash or perhaps even a full-on business. As such, we’ll be taking a look at ways to make your pickup truck generate income:

Delivery Services for Retail Businesses

Not all local retail businesses in your area has a vehicle, or at least not every single one has the time to do delivery. That said, you can offer hauling and delivery services to these business establishments wherein you deliver furniture, appliances, and other bulky or heavy items to customers of local businesses. You’ll need your truck, commercial insurance, and some moving equipment such as a hand truck, dolly, rope, and furniture pads/cushions. You may also want to consider hiring one or more people to help you out with the heavy lifting.

Moving Services

It’s not only local retail businesses that need stuff transported. You can double as a moving service. The average American moves 11.7 times in their entire life, according to the United States Census Bureau, which means there’s really no shortage when it comes to the target market of movers/moving services. You’ll technically need the same set of equipment as you would as a delivery service provider, but you may also need to qualify for special licenses as some states have strict regulations regarding the moving of household goods. You’d also want to make sure that your pickup truck has enough power to haul heavy loads.

Repair Shop Pick-up And Delivery

Refrigerators, generators, and other household appliances may need to be brought to a shop in order to be repaired, but some technicians and repair shops may not offer pick-up services. That said, you can partner with these repair shops by offering your pickup truck’s pick-up and delivery services, and/or market yourself to customers who require pick-up and delivery services of household appliances they need to bring to a repair shop.

Tow Truck Business

Towing services is one lucrative business you can get into with your pickup truck as it has a wide market and the pay is fairly decent. Most private tow trucks receive calls and requests from individuals who have their cars disabled on the highway, motor clubs, repair shops, and auto companies.  It’s even common for police departments and cities in the US to contract police tows to private tow truck businesses in order to transport wrecked or impounded vehicles. All you need is to have your pickup truck modified or equipped with towing equipment. You should also consider having LED emergency lights which are very useful when you’re off to tow disabled vehicles in a roadway accident and need to be visible to warn any oncoming traffic.

Landscaping, Cleaning, or Maintenance Services

If you have the skills, talents, and/or know-how, you can offer your services as a landscaper, cleaner, or maintenance technician. Your pick-up truck would be perfect for storing and transporting the tools and materials you need. And you could also use the sides of the truck itself to advertise your business. In this case, your truck would be more of just a means of transportation (and advertisement), and you’d have to heavily rely on your skills as well as the tools for the specific service(s) you’ll be offering.

Snow Plowing

truck plowing the piles of snow

If you’re staying someplace that’s snowing all-year-round, or simply looking to earn a little extra cash during the snowy months of the year, you can offer snow plowing services within your neighborhood or even the entire city. You’ll need a pickup truck with snow tires and a snow plow attachment, and you’re good to go.


A pickup truck is indeed a versatile vehicle in terms of use and its earning potential. There are probably other ways out there that you can use your truck as a means to make money, it’s just up to you to decide which one suits you and your truck.

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