Cleaning Your Home is Important Now More Than Ever

We all have cleaning habits, and with the sudden events around the globe, everyone’s taking cleaning more seriously. And that’s a good thing! Our house is where we spend most of our time, especially now. Having an untidy house would definitely cause stress and anxiety, which is something everyone should avoid. Whether you clean little by little or like to clean your space in chunks, cleanliness of our immediate space is vital. At this point, cleaning regularly or even quasi-regularly is a must; and cleaning the nooks and crannies we rarely clean is even more important.

Why Even Bother?

Suppose you’re like most people who suddenly have to work from home, cleaning your house also means cleaning your current working space. And who wouldn’t want a clean workspace? You’ll feel lighter and at ease, it’s easier to move around, and with cleanliness comes convenience. You don’t have to move the pile of things on your desk to another place. If you’re working from home, cleaning your house automatically makes your office clean. That’s two birds in one stone.

Even if you don’t work from home and still have to go to the office, it’s not like you won’t reap any benefits from cleaning your house. You’ll come home to a neat and organized space, and studies show that healthier people live in clean homes. Health is something to be treasured, particularly during these times.

Don’t Forget to Clean These

pests removalCleaning only what’s immediately seen is a common mistake many people make when cleaning. Unfortunately, this can lead to many unsavory effects: like the air remaining musty despite the place looking clean, or things returning a state of clutter soon after cleaning. So don’t forget to clean these often overlooked things:

1. Clean out the junk from your drawers.

Old clothes, smartphones from 3 years ago, bits and baubles you never used, everyone has junk items in their house. Whether they’re old devices or unused clothes, there’s no good reason to keep them. If you’re savvy enough, perhaps you can resell them for some extra cash- loose money goes a long way nowadays.

2. Get your washing machine and dryers cleaned.

When was the last time you call for a dryer vent cleaning? If your clothes come out smelling like it’s burnt or it comes out still moist, then you need to have your dryer vent cleaned. Not just for the cleanliness of your clothing but also for the sake of your safety; lint from dryer vent is very flammable and has been the cause of multiple domestic fires every year.

3. Air ducts, heating, and air conditioning vents need cleaning, too.

If you stay at home for too long, you begin to have cabin fever. If your air conditioner is musty, then that cabin fever just got worse. Getting your house’ vent system cleaned is a must to prevent indoor air pollution, and make sure you’re breathing fresh air and not disgusting molds and mildew. The last thing you want is to wear a gas mask in your own house.

4. Even electronic devices need cleaning.

Almost everyone has a desktop in their house, and then that needs cleaning as well. Your computer has multiple fans inside that needs dusting now and then, or else it’ll heat up and spell trouble for you. Even laptops need cleaning, especially since it’s one whole unit that you lug around with you everywhere. Other devices such as speakers, televisions, refrigerators are also susceptible to dust and grime, check the backside and underneath to see if they need cleaning.

5. Turn your bag inside out.

The purses, backpacks, and other bags we use for work contain many important possessions. They might even contain some possessions from years ago. Make cleaning your bag a regular habit; your back and shoulders will thank you later. Sometimes, we forget how much things we cram in our bags that we fail to realize that they still have things we never took out from way back! So take your bag and clean it, because wherever you’ve gone your bag has probably been there too- and we know how important disinfecting ourselves mean today and that should include your daily carry-on too.

While some of these you can do on your own, others require professional help, and that’s perfectly fine. If it means having peace of mind and a healthier body, then service is worth it. Since most of these things are often overlooked, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking, “it’s OK, it’s fine,” but being sure now is far better than being sorry in the future.

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