Creating an Outdoor Space for Employee Relaxation

In today’s rushed and hectic work world, it’s more important than ever to create an outdoor space for employee relaxation. Not only will this provide a much-needed break from the office, but it can also improve employee productivity and creativity. Here are some tips for creating an outdoor space that employees will enjoy.

1. Choose a relaxing location.

When choosing a location for your outdoor space, pick somewhere peaceful and calming. A grassy meadow or quiet wooded area would be perfect. If possible, avoid busy streets or other noisy areas. If your office space is in the city, consider a rooftop garden or terrace. You can always create a relaxing space indoors with just a few adjustments.

2. Include plenty of seating.

Your outdoor space should include plenty of comfortable seating, so employees can relax in peace. Include a variety of seating options, such as benches, recliners, and hammocks. You want to make sure everyone can find a spot that’s perfect for them. Try to avoid hard or uncomfortable seating, such as metal chairs, but do keep in mind the maintenance of these seats so opt for materials that are easy to clean.

3. Provide shade and shelter.

In warm climates, it’s important to provide shade and shelter from the sun. A large tree or awning can do the trick. If possible, also include heating or cooling for year-round use. If your outdoor space will be a permanent structure, you might want to invest in an insulated roofing system that will protect the space from the elements.

4. Add plants and flowers.

Adding plants and flowers is a great way to make your outdoor space more inviting. Choose a variety of plants that will attract butterflies and other wildlife. Popular choices include lavender, rosemary, and honeysuckle. If your space is limited, consider adding a few potted plants instead. You can also use flowering plants to add seasonal color.

5. Install a water feature.

A water feature is a great addition to any outdoor space. It can be as simple as a small pond or waterfall, or as elaborate as an entire water garden. This is a great way to add relaxation and tranquility to your space but will only suit a few kinds of business so think carefully before having a water feature installed in your office space.

6. Include a dining area.

a swimming pool

A dining area is a great way to enjoy a meal or cup of coffee outdoors. Include a table and chairs, as well as an outdoor grill or smoker. This dining area can also double as a meeting area for small groups. You want to make sure the dining area is well-lit and has plenty of storage for food and utensils. Considering that this is an outdoor space, you’ll also want to make sure the area is pest-free.

7. Offer recreational activities.

Your outdoor space can offer a variety of recreational activities, such as a basketball court, putting green, or sandbox. Some office spaces also offer video games that can be played outdoors. This is a great way to get employees active and take a break from work. Just be sure to choose activities that everyone will enjoy.

8. Install lighting.

Install plenty of lighting so employees can use the space at night. Choose LED lighting for energy efficiency and long life spans. Especially when you have night workers, you want to make sure they can see what they’re doing. You might also consider installing a sound system for music and ambiance.

9. Add musical features.

Add musical features such as wind chimes, birdhouses, or a babbling brook to create a soothing atmosphere. This is a great way to relax employees and help them forget about work for a while.

10. Use decorative features.

Use decorative features such as statues, fountains, or arbors to add beauty to the space. You can always skip this step but if you want to make your outdoor space really stand out, add some decorative features. Just be sure to choose features that will withstand the weather and are easy to maintain.

11. Make it accessible.

Make sure the space is accessible to all employees, including those who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility.

12. Keep it clean and well-maintained.

Keep the space clean and well-maintained so employees can enjoy it year-round. Regularly sweep and mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and clean the pond or water feature.

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space available for employee relaxation, be sure to make the most of it. Choose activities that everyone can enjoy and keep the space clean and well-maintained. This will help employees feel relaxed and refreshed, and may even reduce stress levels and promote productivity.

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