Dealing With a Smelly Home: Possible Causes and Solutions

Many things can cause a bad smell in your house. Identifying what is causing it and fixing it right away should be your focus. You can chase away a bad smell with some heavy use of air fresheners and incense, but if you don’t solve the root cause, it will keep coming back.   Here are some potential causes for your smelly problems and how to resolve them:

Mold and Mildew

The smell of mold and mildew is a bit strange. The closest description is wet cardboard. It can be very dangerous though. They are both fungi and they release spores into the air. That is actually what is causing the smell. Some of these spores can be toxic to people so it is a good idea to get rid of them. Try looking around for any areas that can be wet and dark. These are ideal areas for fungal growth. When you do, clean and scrub the area. Dry it and remove the source of moisture. You can also open the area to sunlight.

A Broken Sewer Line

If you can smell sewage and it doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how you clean, then it might be a broken sewer line. This is more likely if the smell comes from near your drainage or from your drains. You need to do some inspections to see what is the reason for the break. A common reason for a sewer line break is the roots breaking into the sewer line. Others include pipe damage and clogs.

No matter what the reason, you will need to call a plumber in Salt Lake City, Utah or wherever you live if you want to get rid of the smell. There should be reliable sewer line repair experts in the area who can come to your property as quickly as possible.

Clean house

Smelly Kitchen

One of the smelliest places in your home is your kitchen. This is mostly because the place is where you cook. Smelly foods and some cooking methods can leave some strong scents. You’ll want to install proper ventilation and air fresheners so that your kitchen smells nice. But bad smells can come from your garbage disposal and your sink. Clean these areas completely and use garbage disposal deodorizers so that you can eliminate the scent. You can even have strips of lime processed to clean out the stronger scents.

Smelly Pets

People love their pets but they do bring various scents into your home. There are several ways to solve the problem with the foul smell. You need to clean up their usual hangout spots. Their scents stick to various spots in your home, especially in their bed. Clean it regularly and give your pet baths to ensure they are clean. This is especially important if they have been wandering outside.

A smelly house is not a great place to live. Fixing what is wrong and removing the smell will allow you to live a normal life again. You have to be careful, though. The reasons for the smelly odor can come back, so you need to find ways to prevent them from happening again.

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