Décor 101: Tips and Tricks for Your Small Interiors

Décor can enliven even the drabbest spaces. In fact, with the right pieces, you can build up a unique aesthetic that resonates with your personal style.

In decorating your home, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all the interior designs and items that you want to incorporate. This is especially harder when you’re residing in a relatively smaller space, like a condo unit or flat. However, by focusing on some key essentials, you can prevent your living quarters from looking chaotic while also balancing out the free space to avoid a vibe of emptiness.

Below, we’ll discuss several tricks and tips on how to effectively beautify your indoor garden, walls, and furniture.

Indoor Garden

You don’t need a spacious, landscaped, outdoor garden to have pretty foliage. By investing in visually appealing materials, you can make your indoor plants look lovely and lush.

Prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to items such as planters and decorative items. There are multiple options that you can choose from, with ceramics, macrame, vinyl, clay, and metal to name a few. You can also add some clear crystals or textured stones around your plants or on top of the soil to give off an effortless but sophisticated style.


Make your walls speak for themselves. Hang some decorative items like art pieces and framed photographs. Elizabeth Stamp of Architectural Digest shares that going for large-scale art like minimalist black-and-white photos or an oversized abstract painting can bring in some character and distinction to your walls.

You can also explore other artworks such as giclee prints. These pieces appreciate in market value over time, so they can be a good investment. Authentic giclees have accurate archival images with fine pigments and brush strokes captured in its printing. If you live near Salt Lake City, Utah, it will be easier to find a giclee printing shop or seller since it’s a highly artistic area.

Another option is to hang or stick on some antique designed fabric like rugs or quilts in your wall. This will provide a rustic vibe. For a more classy approach, opt instead for china pieces such as plates with intricate designs.


Space saving furniture for small interior

Of course, the key is buying furniture pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, you can level up your decorating game by adding more items. These include soft drapes and covers, small sculptures, and throw pillows and cushions to be placed on top of chairs, sofas, couches, and desks. You can also add a layer of wallpaper or 3D embossed stickers like marble or concrete designs on the surfaces of your furniture.

Pair up pieces that complement each other, such as a vanity mirror and dressing table, or a high boy dresser and a vintage clock. Mix and match so you can explore various styles.

Don’t overdo your decorating to keep things curated and organized. It’s also important that you maintain cleanliness because a disorderly space can never be saved by fancy décor.

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