Essential Home Maintenance Tasks that We Overlook

When someone says, “home maintenance,” what usually comes to mind are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance, roof checkup, and maybe even some landscaping of your yard. But many parts of the household need to be regularly checked and cleaned as well.

Dirty and unmaintained homes are not only unsightly—they pose and entail some health risks as well. Moreover, if left unmaintained for prolonged periods of time, household parts may also deteriorate sooner than their expected lifetime. Hence, simple maintenance costs may even turn to expensive replacement services.

Home maintenance can either be done by yourself or by hiring a professional service cleaner. Whichever method you opt for, here are some of the home maintenance checklist you should consider for your next cleanup:

Pest control

Pests come in different forms–termites, rodents, and cockroaches, among others. Home pests can thrive anywhere in your house. Some are wood-eating termites that can wreak havoc on anything made of wood. Aside from termites, other pests such as bugs and cockroaches love being in moist areas.

The first line of defense would be to check for leakages on your sink, toilet, and roof. These are the most common areas where water can leak. Identify areas where there is a leak and fix it as soon as possible. However, if preventive measures are already too late and pests have already infested your home, it’s time to call for a pest control service to handle the situation.

You can also buy aerosol pest control products for a temporary fix. Keep in mind, though, that there may be areas where you can’t reach and spray adequately. Hence, hiring a professional cleaner can yield much better and longer-term results.

Gutter maintenance

Most people tend to overlook gutter health when there aren’t any roof damages or leaks in their household for quite some time. However, a healthy roof does not equate to a healthy gutter.

Debris, leaves, and even dead animals can wound up on your gutter and subsequently cause clogging. Clogged gutters can be a headache, especially if the stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for insects and mosquitoes.

To prevent gutters from clogging, you can clean and sweep off leaves yourself several times a year to ensure water can pass through the pipes smoothly. If you are always on the go and do not like to be bothered by gutter problems, there are gutter protection systems you can have installed for less maintenance.


Refrigerator coils

Dust and debris can build up over time on your refrigerator coils, preventing them from functioning efficiently. It can also cost you a couple of dollars more on your utility bill. Refrigerators do not need much maintenance. A biannual checkup will work just fine.

Cleaning your refrigerator coil is easy. You can purchase refrigerator coil brushes specifically made for this very task. Unplug the refrigerator, remove the coil, and then wipe the dust and other debris off it. Lastly, vacuum the removed dirt and the area underneath the refrigerator for a clean and new-looking appliance!

Vents and ducts

Dryer fires cause most home fires. About 16,000 house fires on average each year, with 92% of them caused by washing machines and dryers. While electrical failures and improper use of dryers are the common causes of dryers burning up in flames, clogged ducts and dryer vents are also primary fire hazards.

Molds, lint, and dust are some of the culprits that clog dryer vents and filters. In other cases, rodent infestation and insect nests can also block and obstruct heat from passing through. Dryers depend heavily on unobstructed and continuous airflow. Hence, any blockage can cause heat to accumulate.

Cleaning dryers are not difficult. The first step is to clean the lint filter after each load. Beware that regular lint filter cleaning is not infallible, and some dirt and dust may still go unfiltered. This is why cleaning your dryer vent is advised every three months to remove stubborn dirt and other buildups that may block airflow.

There are dryer duct cleaning kits that can be purchased cheaply. Alternatively, you can also opt for a duct cleaning service for the professional handling of your dryer machine.

Home maintenance provides many benefits. Aside from a cleaner and healthier environment for you and your family, it can salvage household parts from being replaced sooner, thereby cutting expensive replacement costs. Moreover, proper maintenance also cuts utility expenses by making sure your appliances are working efficiently and smoothly. These checkups are not everyday responsibilities and can be done semiannually or even quarterly. Be sure to write it down on your calendar so you won’t forget it next time!

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