Eye-catching Landscaping Ideas for Retail Stores and Centers

Regardless if you own a local shopping mall or a restaurant, landscaping is surely an incredible asset for attracting foot traffic into the business. Considered to be more than just a luxury, having an impressive landscape is actually an essential. For one, it most definitely adds value to your commercial property, especially if it’s well-maintained and professionally built.

Apart from the obvious benefits, a good retail landscape is also beneficial for promoting workplace wellness and boosting the employee’s wellbeing. Studies found that workers surrounded by more natural landscapes or nature are less likely to have complaints associated with stress. Find out below how you can improve the look of your brick-and-mortar business through landscaping projects.

1. Craft a space for fun and relaxation

Having outdoor common areas that are inviting and visually appealing can encourage customers to stay and relax at your place. This is a profitable feature to add if you’re running a restaurant or a coffee shop. The more comfortable and prettier that space is, the longer customers will stay and order more.

If you’re looking to create a refreshing relaxation area but worried about maintenance, you can choose to just install artificial grass as your landscape field. This synthetic lawn is ideal for retail properties that don’t want to spend too much money and time removing weeds and watering. From there, you can then set up some comfy seating or dining areas where customers can dine or take a short break from shopping.

2. Bathe the retail space with light
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If you want people to stay at your place for a longer time or encourage others to visit your store during the evenings, make sure your retail property is well-lit. Installing a professionally designed and unique light fixtures can add a sense of luxury and comfort to your place. Lights can make your retail property more welcoming and even highlight the stunning features of your store or building.

Apart from that, good lighting can also enhance the security of your retail space. For example, customers won’t have to hesitate to park their cars in front or at the back of your store. Key areas that should be well-lit include the surrounding landscaping, common areas, sidewalks, parking spots, and of course, entrances.

3. Set up interesting plants

One excellent way to soften your hardscapes and add interest and beauty to the area is to plant some colorful flowers in giant planters or in beds. As much as possible, it best to handpick every plant you’ll include in your retail property landscape. The more unique and interesting, the better. Go for stunning ornamental bushes, dramatic foliage combinations, and beautiful tropical plants.

Furthermore, you can also use oversized planters to plant some flowing cherry trees, crape myrtles, or Japanese maples. Don’t forget to also consider some seasonal flowers to keep your retail property up-to-date. Switch up some of your plants every season to keep your landscape fresh and current. Invest in cool shrubs during fall, some vibrant summer annuals, or stunning evergreens during the winter season.

4. Build a better parking area

Parking lots are very much crucial for any type of retail center. It’s a key to attracting more potential customers into visiting your place while providing them with an amazing experience. While asphalt paving may seem like the most convenient choice, do not overdo it and incorporate some greenery too. People would love to park in areas with a share tree and islands of plants.

However, if you’re planning to invest in trees for the parking area, be sure they aren’t frail or have low-hanging branches. That can obstruct views or scratch vehicles. Some types of trees best for retail properties include lacebark elm, Shademaster Honeylocust, ginkgo, or zelkova. These are perfect even for big parking spots as they are sturdy, low maintenance, and mesmerizing to look at too.

5. Invest in water features

Want to wow your customers? Take advantage of the power of water features. Installing these in your retail property cannot only exude an upscale luxury but also create a refreshing ambiance into your landscape. Some of the common water features to include are pools, fountains, and waterfalls. Investing in such features won’t just improve the look of your retail space, but can also reduce noise pollution and improve air quality.

Retail landscaping can surely get a lot more complex and requires more thought processes than residential projects. But by using the right enhancements and strategical layouts, you can have powerful marketing features that encourage customers to spend more time inside the store. Use the amazing ideas above and start tempting those shoppers to check out your business.

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