Features to Add When Improving the Home Selling Value

  • Home upgrades significantly increase resale value, with outdoor features and room remodels among the most impactful.
  • Landscaping, exterior updates, outdoor lighting, and garages enhance curb appeal and attract potential buyers.
  • Room remodels such as kitchen updates, bathroom renovations, and basement transformations modernize spaces and increase functionality.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades like HVAC systems, insulation, or solar panels can significantly increase a home’s value by reducing utility bills.

Home upgrades can significantly enhance your home’s resale value. For instance, according to the National Association of Realtors, a minor kitchen remodel can recoup 77.6% of the home’s resale value cost. The same report indicates that new roofing can return 107% of its price during resale. These improvements make the home more appealing to potential buyers and increase the home’s overall value. Therefore, investing in home upgrades is a strategic move for homeowners looking to maximize their return on investment.

However, you might not know the best upgrades to consider when boosting your home’s value. Here are some of the most popular features to add when improving your home:

Outdoor Features

Improving home curb appeal

Curb appeal is a critical factor in improving your home’s selling value. It’s the initial impression potential buyers have of your home. A house with a well-maintained exterior and inviting landscaping can attract buyers and command higher prices. 

Invest in Landscaping

Enhancing your home’s landscaping is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve curb appeal. This could include trimming overgrown bushes, planting colorful flowers, or adding a lush green lawn. Well-executed landscaping presents an image of a well-cared-for home, increasing its market attractiveness.

Update the Home’s Exterior

Consider updating your home’s exterior for a fresh, modern look. Simple changes like a fresh coat of paint, replacing old siding, or adding attractive shutters can dramatically improve the home’s appearance. 

Enhance Outdoor Lighting

Adequate outdoor lighting can transform your home’s exterior, making it warm and inviting. It also enhances safety and security. Consider path lights, step lights, or even spotlights to highlight architectural features.

Add a Garage

A garage is desirable for many homebuyers, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions. It provides extra storage space and protects vehicles from the elements. High-quality three-bay oak frame garage kits are popular as they provide ample space and an attractive aesthetic. This type of garage offers much room for vehicles and storage, and the oak frame adds a touch of classic elegance, improving the overall aesthetic and value of the home.

Room Remodels

Room remodels are a fantastic way to boost home selling value because they can modernize outdated spaces, increase functionality, and improve the home’s overall aesthetic. Potential buyers often look for homes requiring minimal renovation, so a house with recently remodeled rooms can be attractive. 

Update the Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. Upgrading this area can significantly impact the home’s value. A modern kitchen with updated appliances, quality countertops, and efficient storage space can be a significant selling point. While a complete kitchen remodel can be expensive, minor updates like painting cabinets or installing a new backsplash can make a big difference.

Renovate the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another critical area potential buyers examine. An updated bathroom with new fixtures, fresh tile, and efficient lighting can increase the home’s appeal. If the space allows, consider adding luxury features like a walk-in shower or a double vanity for an even more significant impact.

Transform the Basement

A finished basement can add significant square footage to your home, increasing its value. Transforming the basement into a functional living space such as a home office, gym, or entertainment room can make your home stand out in the housing market. 

Remember, it’s not just about making the home look better — it’s about improving its functionality to suit modern living standards. When planning a remodel, consider the needs and wants of potential buyers to ensure your upgrades are worthwhile investments.

Home Efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly desirable feature for potential homebuyers. Not only does it reduce the environmental impact of the home, but it can also result in substantial savings on utility bills. Updating older systems like HVAC, water heaters, or windows to more energy-efficient models can significantly increase a home’s value.

Similarly, incorporating energy-efficient practices such as insulation or solar panels can make your home attractive to environmentally conscious buyers. These upgrades can provide a high return on investment, as buyers are often willing to pay a premium for homes that will save them money in the long run. Thus, improving home efficiency is not just about being responsible and sustainable; it’s a strategic move that can significantly enhance your home’s value.

Final Thoughts

Investing in home upgrades can be daunting, but it’s essential to remember that not all improvements are created equally. It’s crucial to carefully consider which features will significantly impact the home’s value and market appeal. By focusing on outdoor elements, room remodels, and home efficiency, you can dramatically increase your home’s selling value and attract potential buyers. Remember to think about the target market and their needs when planning upgrades, and don’t be afraid to seek professional advice for more significant projects.

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