Happy Employees Bring in Good Results

Often, many movies portray a workplace as toxic and draining. Managers don’t care about their teams, and employees work like robots with no emotions. A scene where an employee gets screamed at by the boss is a core element.

This should not be the case in real life. In fact, according to this Forbes article, a key to business success in the digital age is motivated employees. If that is the case, you should start evaluating whether your company is a workplace where employees feel motivated.

For decades, the past generations lived their corporate lives unsatisfied. It was as if it was customary to feel like work was a punishment. Times have changed, and the younger generations’ expectations have shifted. The rise of progressive and inclusive companies came in next. So how do you exactly make a workplace great?

Create a Positive Space Where They Can Form a Bond

Modern workplaces encourage growth by recognizing that workers have needs. You want to be working with a team whose members are comfortable with each other. It will be easier for your team members to get their jobs done if they have a close relationship with each other. The working environment will be much lighter if everybody is comfortable with one another.

Make this happen by providing physical spaces in the workplace where they can get to know one another. Team building activities are not well-loved for no reason. Play games or schedule the occasional team lunch. When your team achieves a milestone, make sure to celebrate and share the success with them. After all, everybody put in work to achieve that.

You should not force teamwork. Share it among members, and it happens naturally over time.

Talk with Your Employees

You don’t need to talk to employees about matters outside of their work. However, a friendly conversation from time to time will help improve your relationship with them. It will also give you an idea about their values and aspirations.

Your goal is to foster healthy communication between you and your employees. If one team member comes up to you to ask for business tips because they will open a technology franchise, that is a good sign. It means that they trust you and see you as a figure of authority even in matters outside of work.

You should be glad that you could help them by sharing your expertise. Don’t be afraid to share with your team members as well. You can let them in on the story behind the beginning of the company. Tell them your goals and plans for the following years. If you do this, they will feel included and important.

Don’t be afraid to ask them what changes they want to see in the company. Ask them what can be improved. Let them share their idea of a positive workplace.

Reward Achievements

One reason employees leave a company is if they feel their efforts are not validated. Do not be the kind of a boss who thinks that achievements are part of an employee’s goal and, therefore, you should not thank them if they perform well. The salary they get is not enough of a motivation to keep them performing well.

In line with that thinking, you should not be surprised if an employee is doing the bare minimum and seem to have no plans to progress in their career. Employees who do great with their job are a company’s gem. Reward them for the work they do and thank them. If you can compensate them in any way for a job well done, do so. It doesn’t have to be grand.

Give Them Space for Work-Life Balance


Keep in mind that outside work, your employees have different shoes to wear. Some have kids, and others have passion projects. Be realistic about their workload and work hours. Give them flexible hours to allow time for the other things they have to do in life.

Give options for remote work for tasks that they don’t need to accomplish in the office. Encourage required breaks and offer paid time off. Make sure that they can raise concerns about their workload. If one is suffering and needs extra hands, staff up.

Job satisfaction is all about a worker’s feelings. Therefore, if you want to create an environment where your workers feel satisfied, you have to put their feelings as the top priority. Make them feel seen, appreciated, and essential. You don’t need grand gestures. Even as simple as a pat on the back for a job well done and a thank-you for working overtime (with compensation, of course) should be enough to keep you close with your team.

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