Value-increasing Home Upgrades that Are Worth It

Owning a home is a milestone that everyone dreams of. If you already own one, you are one of the lucky hardworking ones who have ticked this one off your bucket list. Also, you could be thinking of selling your house in the future. Having this plan in mind, there are plenty of things you’d want to keep well maintained in your home to ensure a good resale value. Here are some things you can either upgrade or upkeep to give your house more value should you decide to sell it.

Make Your Lawn More Appealing

The first thing potential buyers would see is the property’s exterior, and the lawn is a fairly huge and visible component. Even as an owner, you’d also want to maintain a luscious green grass carpet across your front (and back) yard. This can be a chore, though, as it’s something you’d have to trim and water regularly.

Watering your garden can be time-consuming and tiring early in the morning and late in the afternoon, but another option is to install an irrigation system that works for you. Modern sprinklers can actually conserve much water, too, compared to manually doing the work. So not only will you be less tired and save more time, but you’ll also save on your water bill.

Work on Your Basement

Your basement is usable square footage, and leaving it in a constant state of disrepair is just a sheer waste of space — not to mention a waste of its value-increasing potential. Finishing your basement is akin to extending your home. It significantly increases the resale value of your property due to the increase in usable space. It might require a considerable investment to have your basement finished.

But doing so guarantees that your house’s resale value and your living conditions will increase. Imagine an extra room that you can use to your desires. That’s something that immediately makes people want it. The good thing is you don’t have to use costly materials to finish your basement, too, especially since its location is prone to warping or damaging more expensive materials.

Check Your Sidings and Exterior Paint

Your house’s exterior is most exposed to the elements and can therefore wear out sooner than your interior. You want to make sure that this aspect of your home is addressed at least once a year, so you can freshen it up when needed. If not well-maintained, you might end up overworking your HVAC because your sidings help in regulating your house’s thermal environment.

Make Your Home Smart

green house

Smart technology has taken over the analog ways of the past few years. The Jetsons Family fantasy of the 60s and 70s is now a reality. We have technology that allows us to “talk” to our furniture and appliances and have them do what we want. So, of course, adding this to your current property not only makes your living experience a lot better but also makes its resale value considerably higher.

Installing a smart security system, a smart thermostat, or even smart lighting are affordable additions. Consider adding them now not just for their resale value but also for the convenience value that they provide.

Bring Your Deck Back to Life

Homeowners are prone to leave their decks unattended. After all, many of the comforts of our home are found inside the house. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys staying under the sun, especially the kids and their gadgets. Which often leads to a damaged deck that’s been exposed to the elements.

However, improving your deck doesn’t just give you and your family a reason to eat outside. It also increases your home’s overall resale value. It increases the livability of your home and adds a space dedicated to relaxing. Much like the other improvements suggested here, a deck increases both your living experience in your house and your house’s potential resale value.

Upgrade Your Flooring

Flooring is one of the longer-lasting parts of any home, and while your current flooring might already be functional (it’s a floor, after all), you might want to consider upgrading it to increase your home value. Upgrading to a hard surface is one of the best returns on investments you can make, especially upgrading to hardwood. Of course, if your existing flooring is already hardwood, refinishing it to make it look new and clean will suffice.

There are many value-increasing home upgrades, and these are but a few. However, when thinking of home upgrades, don’t just think of the potential resale value. A large part of it is how it can also increase your current living experience.

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