How Does a Great Garden Grow? Follow These Steps

Many people love to care for the soil, plants, and greenery, but very few understand the dynamics and chemistry of gardening. Once people buy a property or houses for sale with a large outdoor space, that area holds a lot of possibilities that can make the homeowner feel self-sufficient and fulfilled. But they should also understand that to grow things; you need a basic understanding of soil chemistry and botany.

But if you are just starting your explorations in gardening and cultivation, here are the most important things to do to prepare your outdoor area for your gardening hobby.

Know your geography and climate

Climate affects the kind of plants that grow in any area. The soil, weather, and even the kind of crops you can grow will depend on these things. So it’s essential to have a basic understanding of which plants can grow in your area and what type of soil you have in your property. It might require you to do other things to improve the quality of your soil or the growth of your plants, but you need to have this basic understanding to start your gardening hobby.

Choose the best spot in your garden area

There are spots in your outdoor area where the soil is better, and where the sun shines more. Choose this spot to grow your garden, so your plants could get maximum sunlight. You should also avoid spots where water pools after the rain. The soil must drain well, so your plants will not be flooded in water after a rainy day. If you have trees in your property, it’s also best to avoid the root systems of the tree and plant your garden 20 feet away.

Test the soil

touching the garden soil

You should test the soil so you could see which nutrients are missing and what you need to add to the soil for your plants to grow. It would be best if you found the right pH balance for your land, and often it is between 6 and 7.5. Too high or too low could lead to poor growth. The best ways to adjust the pH balance of your soil sometimes require adding peat, compost, manure, lime, or ash. It all depends on the acidity level, so it’s best to buy a soil test kit for this.

Prepare and adjust the soil structure

Then you need to add fertilizers rich in phosphorus and nitrogen in your soil. These could help your plant grow, but you need to make sure that you don’t put too much of these chemical fertilizers too.

Then you can add the organic material such as leaves, fruit scraps, wood chips, manure, and vegetables to the soil. The soil should be 50 percent organic material and 50 percent soil. Mix them well for two to three minutes.

Gardening might seem easy, but it is an art and a skill that requires an understanding of your land and the plants you want to grow in it. Follow these steps to prepare your soil, and soon your neighbors will be asking how you grow your garden.

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