How Fast-food Chains Can Make Their Physical Location Covid-safe

Fast food may not be the best food option there is, but we can’t seem to hate them. In fact, most of our cravings are those juicy, sugary, or high-calorie foods offered by numerous fast-food chains in the area. Even in the middle of the pandemic, we can’t help buy order our favorite fast food while we quarantine in place.

As borders start to open and our favorite chains start allowing more people to eat in-store, owners are doing their best to improve the safety of their customers. If you are an owner or manager of a local fast-food restaurant, you might be wondering what else can you do to make your store Covid-safe. Here’s what other fast-food chains are doing to accomplish such tasks.

Ensure You Adhere to the Basic Health and Safety Measures

The first step is to adhere to the CDC’s recommended workplace health and safety measures. There is a need for you to create Covid-related policies that will help improve the safety of your employees and customers. Some crucial areas you need to discuss are as follows:

  • Conducting daily health checks
  • Incorporating Covid-19 testing at regular levels
  • Encouraging sick employees to stay at home
  • Maintaining flexible policies to accommodate sick employees and those who have been exposed to a sick or suspected Covid-19 patient
  • Imposing everyone to wear a mask, stay a safe distance, do regular handwashing and coughing etiquette
  • Developing routine cleaning and disinfection policies

Invest in Hands-free Additions in Your Store

Since you will be allowing people to dine inside the store, it is worth investing in a couple of innovative technology that will reduce the need for your employees to touch high-trafficked areas. Some worthy investments are as follows

Automatic Doors

Doors and door handles are among the many things we often touch when going in and out of a restaurant. To avoid the need to touch the door handles when getting in and out of your store, consider automatic doors. This way, you don’t need to keep your old glass door open and reduce safety risks.

Hands-free Condiment Station

Some fast-food chains allow their customers to get their own condiments while others have the staff refilling their condiments cup for them. To reduce the need to touch your condiments, consider a hands-free condiment station. You can order online with a single, double, or triple pump at a reliable online store such as

Foot Flush

Your customers and employees will need to use the toilet every once in a while. Eradicate the need for them to touch the toilet flush with a foot flush. This is a more sanitary way of flushing the toilet since you only need to step on the foot pedal to flush the toilet.

Touchless Faucets

washing hands

Another hands-free innovation that makes hand washing easy is touchless faucets. These make use of sensors to automatically dispense water whenever you need to wash your hands. Your employees and customers will find it easier to wash their hands and do regular handwashing with such an innovation.

Hands-free Toilet Paper Dispenser

Toilet paper is a must-have in any washroom. So, make sure you have an automatic toilet paper dispenser to make it easier for everyone to access their toilet paper needs.

Mobile Payment

Since your customers are always on the go, there is a need to adopt mobile payments. This makes paying for their favorite fast food easy. They won’t have to wait for their change and you can minimize contact when it is time for them to settle the bill.

Incorporate Touchless Delivery

Fast-food deliveries surged during the crisis. As more people are staying indoors, more of them are ordering their food online. This meant deliveries are on a record high.

You can limit contact among your staff and customers by incorporating touchless deliveries. After preparing their orders, staff will place the take-outs in the delivery guy’s bag while using gloves. The delivery guy opens their bag for the customers and allow them to take their orders themselves.

Contactless Drive-thru

Before, we were comfortable saying our orders and even chat a little with the fast-food restaurant staff when collecting our orders in the drive-thru lane. But because of the pandemic, one option you can offer your customers is a contactless drive-thru. After arriving at your drive-thru lane, they order and pay for their food online and pick up their orders at the drive-thru counter.

These are but a few things fast-food chains can adopt to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in their store. With health and safety being your most top priority, one needs to be creative when delivering your services. With these policies in place and by making the right investments, you can boost your customers’ and employees’ confidence knowing you’re doing what you can to protect them.

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