How to Accident-Proof Your School

Schools are a child’s second home. So, it’s important that you and the rest of your faculty make it a safe haven for children. Aside from getting school cleaning services in Kent or any other place in England, you should also focus on making your school accident-free. Here are a few suggestions to make that happen:

Create a safety committee

Keeping the school safe is supposed to be a team effort. So, gather your teachers and students and build a safety committee to keep the entire school accident-free. When you’ve built your safety committee, you can plan how to keep the school and the students safe.

One thing you can do is ask everyone in the committee to point out any area of the school that seems dangerous. After that, the head of the committee should collect all of those reports and analyze which areas of the school are potentially hazardous.

Once it’s done, the committee should come up with ideas to make those areas safer. For example, if the reports say that one area of the school’s hallway is always slippery because of faulty plumbing, the committee should find a way to fund its repairs.

Monitor playgrounds

Playgrounds are a frequent scene of accidents among children. So, it’s important to have someone check the place every morning to see if there are any uneven surfaces that kids could trip on, rusted chains on the swings, protruding metals on the slides, and other hazards.

If the playground is unsafe, the protocol should be to put up a sign telling everyone to keep off the premises. The playground will only be opened once all the items there have been repaired or replaced.

Prevent choking hazards

Playgrounds have several items that could be choking hazards. Safety nets are supposed to protect children from hitting the pavement while climbing some of the obstacles in the playground. But they could also choke a child if the openings are too big.

A child can fit his head into one of those openings and strangle himself. If you’re going to use safety nets in the school playground, make sure they have small openings to prevent strangulation.

Teach children to play nice

Teachers should also teach children to play safe with other kids. Roughhousing should be prohibited in the playground because some kids might accidentally hurt the others. So, teach kids the dangers of playing too rough. Let them understand that if they do so, injuries are likely to occur.

Conduct safety training

Teacherwith her students

Every student and teacher should know all the safety guidelines of the school, and they should know what to do in case an accident occurs. Students should look for the nearest teacher and inform them of the situation.

Teachers should know how to administer first aid treatment to students or co-workers. For teachers, it’s important that they undergo first aid training regularly so that if an accident occurs, they can stabilize the patient until the emergency medical services team arrives.

No school is accident-free, but you could always strive to make it as safe as possible for your students and teachers. As long as you have everyone on board in following the safety guidelines, you can keep the number of accidents close to zero.

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