How You Can Effectively Increase Work Productivity at Home

The majority of people have been forced to work from home thanks to the pandemic and social-distancing protocols. Now that people are working remotely, they’re having trouble being productive. The anxiety and stress from the pandemic and the inability to create boundaries between work and home life make it difficult to get anything done. Suppose you’re looking for ways to increase work productivity and separate work from home life. Here are four scientifically proven ways you can do so.

Design your area for productivity

An area that is full of distractions will reduce your productivity. Pick a place in your home that is quiet and away from busy areas. Avoid working in the kitchen or the living room unless you live alone and in a small unit. If you live on a busy street, avoid setting up your workstation beside the window nearest to the road. Once you’ve picked an area to work, design your space for productivity. According to colour psychology, green is the colour of productivity. So why not surround your workspace with indoor plants. Or paint the walls of your workspace green.

Designing your area for productivity not only includes your workspace but your rest space as well. But what does it mean to develop your rest space for productivity? It doesn’t mean turning your rest space into your workspace. Instead, it means designing your rest space into the perfect area that allows you to re-energise so that you can be more productive when you go back to work. That depends on whatever a perfect rest means to you.

If the perfect rest for you means reading a book, create a reading nook where you can read in peace. If being in the outdoors is what re-energises you, landscape your garden with plenty of flowers and garden lights. If you’d instead take a nap, make your bed as comfortable as possible by placing scented candles or playing soothing music as you nap. Don’t underestimate the power of a good rest because rest is what helps boost your productivity. Remember, rest is just as important as work itself. Without rest, you won’t be able to work correctly. So learn to prioritise rest just as much as work.

Get dressed for work

There’s a reason why most companies have a dress code. It’s not just for the sake of company policy. What we wear affects how we work. A study showed that people who had a doctor’s lab coat showed heightened focus. People who wore the same lab coat but were informed it was a painter’s coat were less attentive. The study concluded that what we wear has a symbolic meaning that directly affects how we act. You are what you wear. So why not get dressed for work even if you are at home. This not only helps you become more focused on work. It also enables you to create a boundary between work and home life. Wear your most powerful work suit and get to work.

Clean your home regularly

cleaning your home

Suppose you don’t have enough time to clean your entire home. Make sure to organise your workspace at least instead. Clutter has been proven to cause anxiety and stress and reduce productivity. This is also described as oppressive untidiness. Plenty of studies show that more organised environments result in better focus and productivity.

In contrast, people in cluttered environments had higher levels of cortisol, otherwise known as the stress hormone. Try to make it a habit to clean your workstation before and after you finish work. That way, you’re able to start your work the next day with a clearer mind.

Don’t forget to exercise

We are told time and time again that exercise has plenty of benefits. And it’s true. Aside from allowing you to live longer and boost your mood, it helps you increase productivity. The common problem with the working class is that our jobs usually don’t give us enough time to exercise. Or so we think. In truth, it only takes something as short as a 15-minute workout every day to reap the benefits of exercise. The best time to exercise is at the start of your day. That way, you gain the immediate effects of exercise before you work.

Creating boundaries between work and home can be particularly challenging. Work productivity can go down significantly in the wrong environment. And not everyone is lucky enough to have a conducive work environment. But if you follow these four simple things every day, you can boost productivity.

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