Are You Launching a Tech Startup? Here Are Business Trends for 2021

Have you thought about launching a tech startup this year? It might be scary to do so. Fret not, as there are business ideas you can grab right at your disposal. Contrary to the popular notion, the pandemic actually presents aspiring entrepreneurs with some business opportunities. It’s just a matter of aligning your business plans to the current situation, and of course, working hard towards achieving your business goals.

If you’re looking to launch a tech startup this year, here are eight business ideas you might want to consider:

1. E-commerce Business

Even before the global pandemic, the e-commerce industry has long been thriving. Many entrepreneurs create their websites, use digital platforms like Shopify and Amazon, or even take advantage of social media in selling their products or services online.

But the pandemic has all the more compelled people to launch their e-commerce businesses. In fact, Forbes reported a 39-percent increase in e-commerce sales during the first quarter this year. If you’re looking to start a tech business, consider developing a digital platform or setting an e-commerce marketplace for online sellers.

2. Telehealth Service

The global pandemic has challenged the health industry. Patients struggle to get healthcare services due to the novel coronavirus threat and pandemic restrictions. It’s a good thing that the health sector finds ways to rise above the current pandemic situation.

That is where telehealth service comes into the picture. Clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities now take advantage of virtual medical services to assist patients. As a tech business entrepreneur, you can create telehealth service apps or digital platforms for doctors and health professionals.

3. Robotics for Remote Working

Remote working has become a norm during the pandemic. A lot of companies force their employees to stay and work from home. In fact, the abbreviated WHF has increasingly become popular in the world of business, particularly in the tech industry. However, there are some challenges in this kind of work setup.

That is where Robotic Process Automation comes into the picture. This technology helps businesses with their repetitive and time-consuming processes through automation. If you’re starting a tech business, consider developing software and apps that will make employees’ lives a lot easier.

4. EdTech Startup

There’s no denying the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the education sector. As classes and schools are closed, both teachers and students have to rely on online education. The problem is how this setup can compromise learning and make teachers and students burnt out. The good thing is that a lot of investors are willing to invest in EdTech startups. In fact, the CB Insights report revealed that funding for EdTech has more than doubled. You might as well take advantage of this opportunity.

5. Web Design

Web design has long taken the spotlight since the time the internet became a thing. Individuals and businesses have been creating, developing, and redesigning their websites. In fact, web design has expanded its services—from mere graphic design to User Experience (UX) design to responsive web design. If you’re looking to start a tech business, web design can be your best option.

6. Fitness Tech

What can you get if you combine fitness and technology? The answer is robust innovation. Fitness Tech has become all the rage during this pandemic. While the pandemic has closed fitness centers, it has paved the way for the rise of fitness technologies such as FitBit, and Strava. If you’re planning to launch a tech startup, consider developing technology similar to these fitness tools.

7. Mobile App Development

It’s easy to see tons of apps on mobile phones and laptops. They aren’t only used for personal entertainment, but they are also utilized for work. A few examples are Slack (work communication), Candy Crush (for games), Evernote (for utility), and Flipboard (for content aggregator). You might want to get into mobile app development for your tech startup. As app development is ‘in’ today, be sure to strike while the iron is hot.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has been gaining ground in the world of business in recent years. While this technology isn’t necessarily behaving exactly like humans, it is quickly evolving. AI can now read, speak, write, analyze, and generate reports for us. For this reason, this technology looks promising in the years to come. As AI is the future of business, start an AI tech business as early as now. Once launched, hire technology public relations to promote your AI technology, grow your startup, and soon take the limelight.

Launching a tech startup is feasible this year because many people are dependent on digitalization and technology. When starting a tech business, consider one of the business trends discussed above. You’ll be surprised at how one of these can set your tech startup on the right footing and give you high returns in time.

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