Make Your Living Room Cozy with These 6 Ideas

One of the best places to chill out is your living room. This space in your house is perfect for people who had a long day working at the office (or at home if you’re a remote worker).

If you want to stay super comfortable in your living room, you’ll want to take steps to make this area extra cozy. That is possible by introducing the concept of hygge (the idea of contentment and coziness) when redesigning your interior.

Regardless of the size of your living room, you can make this area comfortable, relaxing, and welcome to you, your household, and even your guests.

Here are six ideas to turn up the cozy levels of your living room:

1. Use Lamps and Candles at Night

Wood burning fireplace inserts aren’t the only thing that adds a warm glow to your living space. You could use table and floor lamps to create a soft background lighting to the area. Alternatively, you may use candlelight to achieve a similar effect. Whether you use lamps or candles, don’t forget to position reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, to enhance the glow further.

2. Add Your Favorite Knickknacks

A living room will feel comfier if you personalize it. When decorating this area, choose favorite pieces from your knickknack collection and strategically arrange them on your shelves. They’re sure to add warmth and personality to your living space.

3. Decorate Your Fireplace Mantle

Not sure where else to put your knickknacks? Check your mantle. If it looks empty or bare, go ahead and place visually pleasing pieces. This way, your living room will look more welcoming and homey.

4. Keep Your Living Room Insulated

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You’ll want this area to have adequate or proper insulation. Begin by identifying areas that contribute to the loss of heat.

Start with windows. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 30 percent of a house’s heating energy becomes lost through windows. When you find them ill-fitting and outdated, replace them with glazed units to lock the heat in and keep the sills free from condensation.

5. Add More Seats

If you want to chill with your family after a long day, add comfy seats close to your main sofa. Make sure that the chairs and couches are cushy and ergonomic. Plus, double-check if the seating capacity is enough for every household member. After all, no one wants to sit on the floor. When inviting guests, make them feel at home by allocating a chair just for visitors.

Once you have your chairs and sofas set up, position your tables strategically, so that everything is within arm’s reach.

6. Bring on the Pillows

You can’t call a living cozy without soft and fluffy pillows. They’re necessary when you need to rest your feet after sitting for long periods or your head when bingeing on your favorite TV show.

When placing pillows, don’t forget the floor. Large and overstuffed pillows serve as additional seating for visitors.

These six suggestions will surely transform your living room into your cozy and personalized den. When you have a comfy area, all you’ll need to do is turn on some soothing music to complete the cozy vibe of the place.

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