Raising Home Safety: Prevent Accidents in Your House

Safety is a major consideration when you’re building or remodeling a home. And it doesn’t matter much whoever is living in it, may it be children or the elderly. Everyone has a right to be safe. Falling is a common cause of injury in the home, and it would do well to prevent it from happening so much. It can not just lead to bruises, but also serious and fatal injuries if the situation becomes bad enough. Consider these guidelines when you’re thinking of preventing falls in your house.

Put Rails Where Necessary

A simple way of keeping people from falling is to put in railings. Stairs, balconies, and mezzanines should have them, but you don’t have to sacrifice design for functionality. Timber balustrades from a trusted supplier are convenient for maintaining safety and keeping a pleasing aesthetic. If you are going to have the elderly in your house, then it’s also a good idea to put bars to hold onto in the bathroom. This is one of the areas where falls can be particularly dangerous.

Avoid Slippery Flooring


Preventing falls also involves getting rid of the cause of the problem. One of these is slipping on the floor due to the surface of it. When you’re still in the process of building your home, or you’re making renovations, opt for the less slippery materials. Wood is okay, as well as carpet, as long as both are properly in place. If you have any need for loose rugs, they should be secured to the floor. Also, in the bathroom, you can’t avoid using tile, so you should be using non-slip mats to make it easier to move around in.

Create Smooth Transitions

Another reason why people fall in the home or anywhere is because of the appearance of a sudden surface that’s higher or lower. The higher surface makes them trip, while the lower one makes people misstep. A possible solution that you can introduce is the use of gentle slopes instead. This is especially useful when there needs to be room for wheelchairs. Another one is the use of markings on steps to tell people that the elevation has changed.

Install Ample Lighting

One of the main reasons people suffer from falls inside the house is being unable to see where they are going clearly. There may be a step in your stairs that blends too much into the darkness of the floor. Or you may have glow-in-the-dark strips, but you haven’t exposed them to enough light for them to actually glow. We need light to see, and its where things fail when you can’t see much of what’s under your feet.

Nobody wants to take a fall anywhere in their own home. It can hurt quite a bit and even require you to seek medical attention. Raise your levels of safety and take measures to prevent it while you’re having your house built or renovated. It might cost you quite a bit, but the added peace of mind is worth it.

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