Spring Break Staycation: 8 Great Ways to Enjoy Spring Break at Home

Whoever said that you need to go on an out of town trip to enjoy spring break? There are a lot of different ways you can have fun during spring break while staying at home.
More than just laying out underneath your patio awning enjoying a cool glass of lemonade on a breezy afternoon, you can plan staycation activities for you and your kids.

8 Fun Things to Do at Home During Spring Break


1. Backyard camping.
If you have a big enough back yard, set up your tents, get those sleeping bags out, and have a great time outdoors with the family.

You can roast mallows over a campfire (or a grill if you prefer), enjoy telling stories to your children, gaze at the sky counting the stars, and more. Simply make sure nobody goes back inside the house (unless they have to use the bathroom, of course!) and leave all your gadgets inside.

2. Video Gamelympics.
If you have a video game console at home, you and your kids can do a day of video game olympics. They can even have some friends over just to make the party more interesting and fun.
You can plan out a tournament and prepare prizes for the winners. That should be a lot of fun! Time to show your kids who is the king of video games in the house.

3. Movie marathon.
Spring break is a great time to relax and just enjoy one movie after another. You can use this time to catch up on movies you missed or replay classic family favorites. The right movies also give you opportunities to teach your children important life lessons.

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4. Be a local tourist.
Don’t be a stranger in your own hometown. Spring break is a great time to go explore parts of town you haven’t seen yet.

Go to that resto across town that you’ve heard so much about. Take a stroll in the park that you’ve never been to. Go to your local tourism department office and ask what else you can do or where you can go.
5. Home safari adventure.
If you can’t go on a safari yet, bring the safari to your home instead. Get your children in the mood for a safari by watching either The Lion King or Tarzan. Set up your home with an African safari theme and rent a safari costume to complete the look. You can roleplay as hunters out looking for prey. You can use paper cutouts for your prey and Nerf guns as your weapons of choice. Your imagination is your limit.

6. Book a hotel in town.

Maybe you can’t go on an out-of-town trip but no one said you can’t stay at a hotel. Book a hotel room for the weekend and spend a few days of downtime just relaxing in bed or lounging by the hotel pool. Your kids will definitely enjoy it and you will finally get the treatment you deserve.

7. Scavenger hunt.
Organize a scavenger hunt with your kids and their friends. Depending on how much adult supervision is available, you can limit the hunt to your own backyard, your neighborhood, or your entire city. This is a great way to bond with your kids and get to know their friends. Plus, it develops strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

8. Kitchen wars.

Schedule an evening where each member of the family can engage in a festive food war. If your kids are old enough, you can compete as individuals or if you have younger kids, you can tag team with them. All you have to do is pick a special ingredient to work with and each member or team has to prepare a certain dish containing that particular ingredient. Once everyone is done with their dishes, they all “present” them at the dinner table for “judging.”

There are a lot more great spring break staycation activities you can enjoy as a family. This goes to show that spring break need not be expensive. All you need is a little creativity and some resourcefulness and voila! Instant staycation fun.

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