The Good Things You’ll Get When You Buy House and Land Package

Property developers typically buy land as soon as it has been released by the government. They build properties on the land and sell them as a full home and land package. Some use it for business.   With so many sections of the land and features to choose from, buyers get to choose the one they really want. That said, you can discover the best house and land properties around Armstrong Creek and other locations.

Owning a house is a dream come true. It completes your life when it’s a structure that is specially constructed for you. There’s no need for you to worry about making the floor plans, floorings, painting sections of the house, getting the light fittings and other pieces of equipment that you need for everyday living. You’ll just need to choose the package that suits your taste.

Aside from having the freedom to get what you want, here are the advantages that will make you want to consider house and land deals:

Lower Deposits

The typical deposit required by lenders to get a loan for the land is 10%. For the construction loan, it’s a 5%-deposit. And, if the construction of the structure will be managed by the land developer, lenders will require you the same deposit — 5%.  Here’s a tip for you. Work with a reliable mortgage broker for you to obtain the best package.

Bigger Savings

Homes in new projects typically cost lower compared to established suburbs. Less stamp duty is required in new developments. The house that will come later can be managed by the developer. This is the preferred option of many buyers — turnkey package.

Moreover, state governments offer first home buyer grants. This is something that you can maximize. Check with your Council if you’re qualified for this. If you’re a first-time homebuyer, your state may be able to cover the cost of stamp duty.

Unlike the turnkey package, if you choose the standard package, you can work directly with the builder to strategize your floor plan according to your liking. This includes deciding on the internal and external fitting and fixtures that you want to be present in your property.

House and Land Package

No Repair

With a new home, you’ll have a guarantee that all the construction materials in all sections of the structure are new. This will get you away from the hassle of too much maintenance and repair. You’ll have peace of mind because developers will provide you with warranties and structural guarantees. Buyers are contented because they are covered for any significant issue.

Well Thought Out Amenities

Developers these days are smarter than ever. Newer estates and developments have more access to green space, shopping centres, daycares, and more. As much as possible, they build the house in raw lands where homeowners can have a better life, and the amenities are all within walking distance.

Do your research thoroughly to ensure that your family gets what they deserve. Find the right location, package, and developers who have a solid reputation. This will guarantee you that you’ll have easy access to the services that your family needs and your home will have all the functionalities and features you are looking for.

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