The Making of the Van Life Phenomenon

Social media platforms such as Instagram have now made van life greatly popular among people looking for a unique lifestyle. Now, there’s an entirely new generation yearning for a life free of all material things that are holding them back.

If your social media account is full of images of people watching the sunset from their cars, you are not alone. The van life movement is becoming a cultural phenomenon, thanks to various TV shows and online influencers.

The life of a van lifer

Those people who are already living their van life dream often spend thousands of dollars on their vehicles. They usually start with a basic Sprinter and then add a few features to retrofit their own.

Experts say that minimal living allows people to freely make choices about what they want to do with their time and money. It gives them a chance to discover themselves without worrying much about finances. But how did the trend started?

How Instagram fueled the van life phenomenon

It’s enticing to live a life free of debt and worries. That’s why a growing number of people are slowly trying their hands on living a van life movement. But another factor that attracts people to the van life community are the images that they see on Instagram.

Most images that people see on social media are well-curated and aspirational, which some inspires people to do the same. Most of its interior design is often similar to the tiny house movement instead of looking like a generic motorhome.

Most people who are living the van life often cleverly use their space and storage inside the van. They even have mod-cons like projector screens and solar panels as a form of entertainment, too.

Living the van life

Detail of RV Camper in West Australia

If you’re one of those who are craving to know what it’s like to live in a van, then don’t fret. It’s understandable to get carried away by the mere thought of having an excellent adventure. But planning things out is a much safer way instead of getting ahead of yourself.

The first thing you need to remember is to start simple. Don’t rush into things without planning properly. You can start packing the things that you need. Remember that you’ll now be living in a tiny space, so you need to be smart about choosing the things that you need to bring. If you believe that having a bathtub is a luxury that you can’t live without, then try bringing a portable bathtub with you on the road.

You should also invest in a gym membership. Choose the one that has several locations across the country. Not only will you have the space to keep your body fit; you’ll also have access to a shower. This idea is excellent, especially after a long day on the road.

These are just some of the things you need to remember about the van life journey. Although it can be fun, this type of lifestyle is for people who genuinely want to live the “van life” and not because of the pictures that they can post on social media.

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