Top Reasons to Live in Coconino County

If you’re looking to relocate somewhere in the western region of the U.S., you should check out Coconino County in the state of Arizona. Not only is this place perfect for people who love camping, but it’s also great for those looking for a place with a minimal carbon footprint.

That’s because Coconino County uses wind energy, which means residents rely less on traditional ways of generating electricity that are not as eco-friendly. So, if you want to reconnect with nature and live in a place that’s working hard to save the environment, then come here and check out some of the other fun things you can enjoy.

Navajo Village Heritage Center

Arizona is renowned for having several Indian reservations, and Coconino County has some heritage centers where you can learn more about Native Americans and their way of life. You can visit the Navajo Village Heritage Center and immerse yourself in the ways of the Navajo tribe.

You can see them perform traditional tribal dances like the Hoop Dance. You can also take a grand tour of their village and see how these brave Indians lived before. You can even try your hand in making some of the Navajo tribe’s traditional rugs.

Grand Canyon

The best part of living in Coconino County is that the Grand Canyon is located here. Take a weekend off and tour the canyon with some of the most experienced tour guides of this majestic place.

You can also camp in the canyon if you’re looking to be closer to nature. The tour guides who will accompany you can teach you how to survive in this canyon with the use of the plants and wildlife you’ll find here.


If you want to test your hiking abilities or you’re just starting to enjoy this pastime, then head over to Sedona. You can find several shops in Coconino County that provide experienced tour guides to help you navigate the Sedona trails.

One particular store that has experts on this area of Arizona is the famous Hike House. This store has all the equipment you need to help you hike through the trails of Sedona. They also have expert guides who can show you some of the lesser traveled spots.

Grand Canyon Deer Farm

If you have kids who want to see Santa’s reindeer, head over to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm. Have fun seeing your children be awestruck by the beautiful deer you’ll find there.

But, be careful in interacting with some of the deer. Some travelers who have checked out this place said that some of the deer tried to chew on their shirts and some even tried to poke them with their antlers. So, if you’re bringing your kids to this place, be sure to leave a little space between them and the deer.

Antelope canyon

Lowell Observatory

If you’ve had your fill of Arizona’s parks and forests, maybe a trip to the Lowell Observatory would be a great change of scenery. In this observatory, you can check out the heavens above and be awestruck by their magnificence. You can even check out Pluto because their telescope is so powerful that you can view the dwarf planet on a clear evening.

There are so many things to do and explore in Coconino County that make relocating here a smart decision. It will take you a lifetime to check out all the fun things to do here.

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