Types of Cleaning Abrasives

Few business alternatives will allow you to indulge in something you love doing, like starting a cleaning company. People are immensely busy nowadays and will thus appreciate a service that can assure them of a squeaky-clean living space without lifting a finger. Unfortunately, this information is not only privy to you, and there will, therefore, be several cleaning companies in your locality.

The competition should, nonetheless, not stop you from opening a cleaning company thanks to the range of commercial cleaning supplies available. This means you are now guaranteed of offering the highest level of clean to your clients without employing too many people or using too much time. One of the essentials you should pick for your company’s supplies is an abrasive cleaner.

This is also called a mechanical cleaner and will be used for scrubbing away at the grit on different surfaces. The following are the types of abrasive cleaners you will need.

Dry Abrasives

These are powdered cleaners that comprise fine particles commonly made of silica, quartz, calcite, and feldspar. The cleaners also contain surfactants in small amounts for the removal of oily residue such as that left around your sink after dishwashing. You should generally use a disinfectant with the abrasives if you are cleaning surfaces with mold, beverage, and food stains. If you want to get rid of stains, you should use the dry abrasives with sodium hypochlorite or oxalic acid.

Wet Abrasives

These comprise a suspension of solid particles in a thick liquid. Wet abrasives contain more surfactant compared to the soft abrasives, and their particles are finer than that of the latter. They are thus used in cleaning tasks that need a mild abrasive action.

Abrasive Tools

These include scrubbies, sponges, and stones. The primary cleaning ingredient used with abrasive tools is soap to guarantee an attractive shine and the removal of contaminants. While most abrasive tools comprise a disintegrating material that will break down with continued use, most of the new ones contain non-disintegrating materials like stainless steel wire, nylon, and copper mesh. A few have embedded plastic. Scrubbies are color-coded scouring pads that feature an open construction. They are meant for light-duty scrubbing with the white and blue ones being the gentlest ones for delicate surfaces like chrome, ceramic and fiberglass. Black or green scrubbies are designed for heavy-duty cleaning like cleaning griddles.

Disinfecting Abrasives

cleaning the wood flooring

These include antimicrobial chemicals in their composition and are designed to reduce the bacterial population on a cleaned surface. These antimicrobials include quaternary ammonium compounds, sodium hypochlorite, and pine oil, among others. There are several instructions you will follow when using a disinfecting abrasive to guarantee it works for your surface and does not affect your health or the surface’s integrity.

When running a commercial cleaning company, you cannot afford to rely on basic soap and water to get your job done. The above abrasives are only part of the supplies that should form a part of your venture. Since these are consumables, it helps to have a long-term contract for their supply with a reputable company. This will not only see you benefit from discounts but assures you of supplies even if you have a cash crunch.

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