What to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living is a necessity for many people at a certain point in their lives. Fortunately for them, there are many assisted-living facility options to choose from. In Ogden, multiple assisted living facilities provide good quality care, whether you are searching for yourself or your loved ones such as a parent.

So what is an assisted living facility? It is like a nursing home in the sense that it provides round-the-clock service for those who need someone to help them with daily functions. However, instead of having someone take care of the patient all day, they help the patient with only specific tasks. Assisted living facilities are more focused on preserving and fostering the independence of their clients. If you are searching for an assisted living facility, here are some criteria to consider:

The level of cleanliness

This is probably the single most important factor in choosing any long-term residents. Living in an unhygienic place can lead to all sorts of health complications and infections in elderly patients. You don’t want to be swayed by how nice the lobby looks. When visiting the facilities, pay special attention to individual rooms and bathrooms. Areas such as recreation rooms, gyms, and public bathrooms can often give you a sense of hygiene in the overall property.

Availability of food options

Another important factor for you to consider is the availability of different food options. The facility needs to cater to different kinds of dietary requirements, as well as personal tastes. There should be options for vegetarians. At the same time, there should always be choices of red meat or white meat. The health requirements of elderly people should be kept in consideration, and the food should not have excess salt or sugar. Also, check whether there are healthy food options in general that are free from processed ingredients and are made with fresh, natural ingredients.

Friendliness of attendants

nurse and patient

While the other factors are crucial for ensuring the health of residents, the friendliness of nurses and staff is important to ensure the sense of well-being and happiness among patients. When visiting, make sure that the attendants are friendly and welcoming. Notice how they interact with other patients, and not just visitors. Notice how cafeteria staff and cleaning staff act, and whether the residents seem to be happy in general. If they are not, it is usually a telltale sign that something is not right.

Availability of active space

One of the big problems that people in nursing homes and facilities face is that there is a lack of space for exercise and being active. When you choose an assisted living facility, make sure that there is enough space for exercise and walking. There should be outdoor grounds that facilitate being with nature and a fully equipped gym with trainers. A swimming pool is also a bonus.

Choosing an assisted living facility is an important decision to make and one that requires careful planning and selection. The happiness and well-being of your loved one come before all else. Make sure that you think your decision through before making the final cut.

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