Your Quick Guide to Preventing Sick Building Syndrome at the Office

As a business owner, running the operations should not be just your concern. You will also need to take care of your most valuable assets—your people. After all, they are the ones that make your operations possible. They are also your brand ambassadors. But some employees actually think that the measures they take and set up are already enough. This is the attitude that you need to avoid. You need to make your employees feel safe. You need to ensure that they are healthy. Getting them sick will affect your operations’ productivity. As such, one thing that you should deal with is the sick building syndrome or SBS.

Sick building syndrome or SBS is a condition that is usually thought to be caused by the poor quality of the office. When an office is not clean or has a faulty design, the quality of air and humidity is affected, thus affecting the health of the people in it. You may not be too aware of it, but it is something that you should always consider. Otherwise, your employees will always fall ill. One thing that you should do is spring-clean the space. Check it thoroughly and ensure that everything is in order. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Clean everything

Cleaning everything will surely make the difference. When you do spring-cleaning, you are actually getting rid of allergens and dirt that may cause your employees to feel unwell. Spring-cleaning also provides you with an opportunity to make your office much more beautiful. You also get to ensure that it is comfortable, thus inspiring your employees to work. Clean the carpets, the windows, and the ceilings. Make sure that the air conditioners are also clean. If you want to ensure that everything will be clean, it makes sense to seek the help of a commercial cleaning provider in Kansas City.

Have it inspected by a third party agency

Before you do anything to your office space, you may want to have it inspected thoroughly first. The building itself may have some chemicals that affect the quality of air, ranging from VOCs to the likes of asbestos (if you are working in an old building). Taking action without checking the space first may disturb the chemicals, thus creating worse conditions. There are some government-accredited agencies that will help you with this.

Invest in good air conditioners

Dust out from Air Duct, Danger and the cause of pneumonia in office man.

Sick building syndrome is primarily caused by poor indoor air quality. You may have cleaned the space well enough, but you cannot stop airborne dirt and allergens from coming in. Do something about the by using the right air conditioners and purifiers. Dehumidifiers are also something that you may consider.

Sick building syndrome or SBS is something that you should take seriously. You ought to make sure that your space complements the needs of your employees. You have to promote good health. If you cannot do it alone, this is something that you can do with the help of professionals.

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