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5 Items to Buy When Shifting to a Work-from-Home Setup

Most people are now starting to work at home to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Working at home encourages isolation and provides distance from exposure to the virus.

Nowadays, having a proper workspace at home is vital to have a good working experience.

Designing your own working space like adding good office desks enhances your creativity and productivity. It also balances your work and living environment.

The following tips may offer small ways on how you might want to create your workplace. These can help enhance productivity, physical and mental health, and your interior-decorating game.

Here are the top items you need to buy to establish a home office that is conducive to working:

Office desk

The idea of work at home gives the impression that people can work anywhere inside their homes. Setting up a home office with a high-quality, ergonomic desk is important.

It’s a fact that the heart of a good workplace is your office desk. There are many and diverse types of desks varying from different shapes, designs, colors, and compositions. But, the most important characteristic to take note of is the height.

Too high of a desk will strain your forearms when typing. But, a very low desk can cause your vertebrae to hunch causing you to have a sore shoulder and back.

Buying the right type of office desk is crucial to maintain good posture and prevent back strain.

Ergonomic Chair

Choosing a proper chair will keep the spine in correct alignment. It ensures proper use of muscles, reduces fatigue, and increases productivity.

Office chairs with lumbar support are also ideal for maintaining a healthy posture. The knees should in level with the hips.

When choosing hard-backed chairs, place some seat cushions for comfort. Plus, putting a rolled-up towel behind your lower back is also advisable.

You can adjust the chair armrests to accommodate the shoulders in a relaxed position.

Laptop/Desktop Computer

A good and reliable laptop or desktop computer is essential in setting up a good home office. When buying these computers, it is important to know what specifications you need.

The type of computer you need depends on the work you do. For instance, jobs that need high-speed computers may need more expensive ones. So, those that do not must high-end computers may settle for less expensive laptops or personal computers.


One way to improve the appearance of your workplace is to add some touches of greenery.

Having plants in your workplace provides you with many benefits. It does not only improve productivity but also enhances your mood.

Also, plants purify the air inside your home. They remove harmful pollutants, moisturize the air, absorb radiation from computers.

It also helps reduce the symptoms of SBS or “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Organizer Shelf

organizer shelf

Having proper storage is crucial for work. Organizer shelves are viable when it comes to decluttering work materials. A clutter-free environment promotes safety inside the workplace. It avoids potential accidents from messy materials scattered around.

An organizer shelf also enhances the appearance of your work area. It promotes a clutter-free, stress-free, and fun and uplifting working experience. This will ensure to increase productivity, creativity, easier and faster work.

Putting up a home office will make space for you to work without distractions. It can help become more productive, which will benefit both the employer and the employee.

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