5 Kitchen Make-Over Ideas To Draw Inspiration From

There are many ideas out there that could be applied to the ‘desired’ look of your kitchen. After all, many consider the kitchen as the “heart of the house,” so it is extremely important to be presentable, comfortable, and functional.

All three are basic requirements, of course, but a little style added to your kitchen surely wouldn’t hurt either. Kitchen remodeling is something that many people want to do but wouldn’t do because of either of two reasons.

One, they’re expensive, and two, it takes too much time and effort. But it isn’t always the case! There are also many ideas out there that could be done that is under a budget. And some take a slightly lesser effort to do and finish.

Here are a few kitchen design ideas for you to take inspiration from, and refresh your creativity!

Start with a ‘flashy’ backsplash

Make a flashy appearance in your kitchen by updating your cooking and food preparations area with a tile backsplash. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also has great and strong material allowing it to be long-lasting and workable.

This type of design will also allow more room for you to explore your creativity. If you wish to create your own tile patterns and make your creativity flow, then subway tiles would be considered the best option for you.

Bop to the countertop!

People might be surprised with how much a kitchen countertop in Utah could affect the aesthetics of your entire kitchen. It is all a matter of choosing the right materials and design that complements the rest of your kitchen perfectly.

For example, when you use newer and sleek materials such as granite, it becomes an ‘unusually’ dazzling sight that would unknowingly make it the attention-grabber of your whole kitchen!

Upgrade your kitchen appliances

kitchen interior

If you are one to follow the trends, then maybe this particular one would be good and useful for you (and your kitchen). Get new energy-saving kitchen appliances installed such as microwave with a new range. Or you can update your refrigerator with an energy-efficient one, as well as dishwashers that use less and conserve water.

Switch to shelves

Instead of using upper cabinets in the kitchen, try switching to shelves instead. Installing cabinets take up too much work and time – and extremely offensive to short people – while shelves are much efficient and easier to finish compared to cabinetwork.

You can still install shelves that are the same height as a standard kitchen upper cabinet though. This is as long as there’s an 18-inch difference from the lower shelf above the kitchen counter.

Updating your flooring is caring

A totally new kitchen make-over would make you consider making updates to everything – including the floors! Redoing your flooring will not only transform your entire kitchen and give it an entirely different aesthetic, but it would also grant you a feel of change and comfort.

There is nothing wrong with going completely basic and traditional with hardwood – it is a strong, durable material and is also to clean whatever kitchen mess there is. Or you could also experiment with different materials such as rusty ceramic tiles, that would also make a perfect backsplash as a complementary.

Sometimes, the littlest details in the kitchen are those that would actually make the most drastic changes in the makeover!

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