5 Maintenance Efforts You Need to Make in Your Home This Summer

Summer is a time to go out and have fun under the sun. But it’s also the season that can cause problems in your home if you don’t maintain it properly. On some summer days, the heat may be unbearable, and the last thing you want is your air conditioning system breaking down and malfunctioning during the heat.

For you to truly enjoy summer, you have to conduct maintenance checks and repairs on your home first. Stay on top of these home maintenance efforts, and you’ll have plenty of time to go on beach trips and picnics:

Check your air conditioners

The first thing that you should be taking a look at before it gets extremely hot outside is your air conditioning unit. Clean the filters and free it from debris and dust that made their way up there during the winter and spring. Ensuring your filters are clean will help your air conditioning unit function more optimally—keeping your home cool while saving you money on your electricity bill. Also, consider having your air conditioning unit serviced and PICV valves installed so that air can better circulate around your home.

Reverse your ceiling fans

Your air conditioning unit may be your best friend during summer. But frequent use can cause your electric bills to spike! Luckily, there are hacks you can try to keep your home cool—starting with your ceiling fan. Originally, ceiling fans rotate clockwise to pull cold air up and push hot air down to the ground. This is what we want during winter.

But during the summer, we should reverse our ceiling fans to run counterclockwise. This causes cold air to be pushed down. Hence, giving your home a gentle but cooling breeze.

pest control

Do pest control

Your home may be your refuge during summer because you’re trying to get away from the extreme heat. But you’re not the only one in need of cold shelter—so do pests! During summer, pests like flies, ants, and termites may invade your home. To keep them out, consider taking a visit from pest control services or invest in a bug spray.

Conduct the necessary steps to prevent infestation as well. Inspect your home for holes and cracks where pests can enter and seal any openings. Regularly clean your home and disinfect your mattresses. These might seem like tedious chores, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Clean your roof gutters

Your roof gutters may have been infiltrated with leaves and other debris during spring. Summer’s the best time to clean them out. Get a ladder and climb your roof to inspect the gutters. Pull out or drain anything that may be clogging it. While you’re at it, check your roof for damage as well. If there are holes, cracked shingles, or missing ones, get them repaired immediately.

Work on your windows

The sun’s UV rays are at a peak during the summer, and prolonged exposure can damage your skin and affect your health. Even when you’re at home, you should be taking preventive measures to keep UV rays out. Start with your windows by sealing any openings and holes. Consider caulking around it to help keep hot air out. Invest in drapes or blinds that can block the sun’s heat from entering your home.

Summer may be the last season you want to be undertaking home maintenance efforts. But before heading to the beach, get some chores done first. These are all for your safety and benefit so that you can enjoy the summer heat at ease.

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