6 Space-saving Techniques for Small Homes

Whether you live in a small home or are just swamped with clutter, you need to be creative with how you maximise your space. Instead of getting rid of most of your stuff, why not focus on smarter storage? Try out these hacks to make your home look and feel more spacious without breaking the bank.

Invest in wall hangers and storage boxes

Save precious floor space by opting for wall hangers instead of bulky cabinets to store your clothes. Wall hangers let you grab items easily. This means you don’t have to waste time going through your entire cabinet to find a single item.

If you have stuff that might be too heavy for wall hangers to handle, consider using storage boxes. They’re spacious, user-friendly, and can easily be piled up resulting in greater space savings. Just label the boxes properly to avoid confusion when looking for your stuff.

Shop custom corner tables

A table is a vital part of any home. That said, they can take up so much space and make any room feel smaller. People living in smaller homes or apartments can opt for custom-made tables to suit their home’s exact specifications. You can also have one built to match your home’s overall décor.


Install wall racks

Using wall racks lets you maximise every inch of your space while adding visual appeal to any room. Climbing up instead of going across will help you save more space. Also, avoid putting sculptures or vases on the floor. No matter how small they are, clutter is clutter and therefore, must be removed immediately.

Invest in modern bathroom storage solutions

Bathrooms are some of the most used parts of the home. One way to expand their space is to invest in bathroom vanity units which are built by combining a sink with a cupboard. Sinks tend to create an overhanging space which is rarely used. By transforming this space into a full vanity unit, you can keep products from view and ensure your bathroom looks neat and well-organized.

Paint your walls in light colours

Painting your walls white is an easy way to create the illusion of spaciousness. Some hues enable light to bounce through the walls and brighten any room. On the other hand, darker shades in floors, walls, and ceilings can absorb light and leave the room looking darker. If you don’t have the time to paint, simply hang light-coloured curtains to achieve a simpler, cost-effective, and more natural look.

Hang your curtains high

Hang your curtains as high as possible to the ceiling. This will not only make the ceiling appear higher but also make any room look larger. Your curtains should be long enough to drape elegantly towards the floor and create drama. Select light-coloured curtains made of sheer material to let natural light in. Heavy curtains will make the room darker and less inviting.

A cluttered environment can make people feel stressed and anxious. Using space-saving techniques will not only make your home look neat and spacious, it can also elevate comfort and convenience.

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