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8 Car Upgrades That You Need To Have For Your Next Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of the best ways to make memories with your family, friends, or significant other. But you know how you can make the experience better?

A road trip, no matter how long or short, can always be fun if you’re with the right people. However, packing snacks and choosing the best playlist for your road trip is not enough to make the most of the experience. With these car upgrades, you can make your road trip a whole lot better in terms of safety, comfort, and entertainment:

1. Auxiliary lights

If you’re planning to drive through the night, especially in back roads, having mini light bars can give you enough illumination besides your headlights. Some routes may not be well-lit, or now lit at all, and having light bars on your vehicle can provide extra light for you to drive safely.

2. Expanded USB port

Buy an extra USB port strip to accommodate all the gadgets that need charging during a road trip, such as cellphones, tablets, cameras, and other electronics. This is especially important if you’re traveling with a big group; everyone should have at least one port to charge their device.

3. Phone mount

Having a phone mount eliminates the need for you to hold your phone while you’re using it to navigate or play songs, making your trip safer and more convenient.

3. GPS unit

Sure, a smartphone navigation app works just fine, but a standalone GPS device can do the job better. A GPS unit can provide you with driver awareness features that will keep you awake during the trip, as well as a tracking system in case your car gets stolen.

4. Dashcam

For the past few years, a dashcam is becoming more and more of a necessity for drivers. Installing a dashcam in your car will give you extra insurance in case you get into an accident, and can be used as hard evidence when you file a claim.

If you don’t have a dashcam yet, it’s recommended that you get one before going on a road trip.

5. Mobile hotspot


A mobile hotspot device will provide Internet access to all devices in the car, which is somewhat a necessity if you’re traveling with a group.

6. Storage rack

Traveling with family or a group of friends? Your trunk may not have enough storage for all the luggage you have to bring. In this case, a storage rack can give you extra room for bags on top of the car. Alternatively, you can use the rack to bring bikes or a kayak on your trip.

7. Cooler and warmer

A regular cooler or insulated lunch box can only keep the temperatures of your food and drinks for so long. With a car-friendly electric cooler & warmer, you can enjoy warm and cold beverages during your road trip as long as you keep it plugged into the cigarette lighter.

8. Car desk or tray

During a road trip, you may have to work or eat in the car. Luckily, a car desk/tray can help you do so with ease (and without the mess).

With the road trip season fast approaching, you can prepare yourself and your vehicle for an adventure that will be worth remembering. Follow these suggestions to make sure your group will have so much fun.

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