A Few Things an Average Person Won’t Survive Without

The world is changing. The things that used to matter before are irrelevant nowadays. You might think that DVD players and TVs are the things you would likely not survive without, but technology’s innovations continue to surprise us. However, there are still a few things that are considered irreplaceable to normal human beings. Despite today’s innovations, you will likely find yourself in an unfavorable situation if you do not have these in your life.

Laptops and Smartphones

If you want to survive in a society structured by capitalism, you will need to get a job. Your income will be your primary weapon of survival. If you do not have income, you will find it difficult to thrive. However, today’s modern workplace no longer involves going to the office and finishing your tasks within the work hours. You will have to take home some of your office duties, which means that you will need a laptop with you at all times.

Work will be a major reason for you to get out of bed and conquer the day, which means that you need your devices to be in peak condition. If you have a broken phone, you can take it to the shop that provides screen repair in Salt Lake City. You can also use these devices for entertainment purposes or to connect with your friends and family using your phone or laptop.


Survival is not the only thing you should be trying if you want to live. You will have to give your life meaning, which means that you should do whatever makes you happy. Unfortunately, some people will pressure you into getting a job that you do not like because it offers the best path financially. If you are not living by how you want to live, you might have a lot of regrets. Pursuing your passion is essential to your life, even if it means taking a lesser paycheck. You will find that money will not control everything as long as you are happy with what you are doing.



Living in isolation will open your mind to a lot of uncertainties. You will have a lot of self-doubts, which could overwhelm and prevent you from doing all of the things you think you could do. You will need to gather support to help you go through every path you take in life, which is why making friends is a priority. Your circle will encourage, convince, and persuade you to reach your goals in life. It is always satisfying to achieve a dream in your life, especially when people are helping you throughout the process.

Food and Exercise

Your physical body will always be a priority when it comes to your survival. You will have to exercise to keep yourself in tiptop shape. You will also have to stay active if you want to live longer. However, none of those can compare to the nutrients you will receive through food. Your diet is almost equal to the health benefits you can get from exercise. If you manage to keep both in a healthy space, you will have higher chances of thriving in life.

There are a lot of objects and devices that could help an average person survive in a society. The modern innovations will likely give you things that you would like to have for yourself, but there will always be a few that you cannot live without.

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