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Prepping Your Rental for Summer Vacationers: What to Add to Freshen Your Property

Many families are currently in the process of planning their upcoming summer getaway. It is also the right time for you to start prepping your vacation rental for all your guests who will be coming from out-of-town.

Give it a Makeover

Your property may become more popular with the tourists if you offer a fresh new take. Whether your cabin is beside a lake or in the middle of the woods, it will surely benefit from a makeover.

Although people want the space to be cozy, it will not hurt to incorporate a more contemporary aesthetic. Hire a professional and ask for a modern cabin design. Utah-based interior designers will be able to breathe life back to your rental and make it Instagram-ready. If the budget is tight, maybe adding decor can make the place more exciting. Hit the thrift shops for affordable pieces.

Let There be Wi-Fi

Nowadays, people refuse to be disconnected from the digital world. Unless you are specifically offering an off-grid experience, guests may become more willing to rent your property if you offer them free access to the Wi-Fi.

Do not scrimp; slow and unreliable internet connection will give your rental a bad rap. Guests will likely leave you unpleasant reviews that will make others stay away.

Books and Board Games

You should also equip your rental with activities that your guests may enjoy while they spend their time within the property. Add stacks of books from different genres in the living room for anyone to use without extra charge. Board games are also a great way for guests to spend their time, especially for families with young children or groups of friends.

DVDs and Streaming

Movies are another option. Either offer a number of movies for all ages, including animated movies for children or action movies for adults. If you choose to offer a free internet connection to your guests, then it is only logical for you to throw in an option to stream content. Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, having these amenities will help keep your guests entertained at all times.

Maps, Brochures, Tours

If your rental happens to be located near a popular summer destination, offer to show your guests around. This will help persuade people to choose your listing over the dozens of other properties in the area.

If you do not have the time to personally attend to them, at least equip your space with information about the place. Travel brochures and maps will help them navigate the town and see everything to offer. Add names, locations, and phone numbers of nearby restaurants and cafes. You may even recommend your favorites.

Other Necessities

Guests coming from out-of-town will probably want to charge their phones immediately after arriving at the rental. Allow them to borrow chargers and electrical adapters. You should also have other necessities such as an iron and ironing board or steamer, washing machine and dryer, hairdryers, and other stuff they might want to use during their stay.

Lastly, provide instructions for equipment available in space. Everything from turning off the alarm system to closing the garage door should have step-by-step on how to use it to prevent any problems.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to make your rental popular among vacationers, but be honest with what you offer. Whether you have the most affordable rate in your area or you can assure a unique experience, list them down on your listing. Your guests will thank you for it.

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