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A Short Guide for First-Time House Hunters

So, are you finally deciding to move out of your parents’ house? Well, congratulations! If you’re just starting to live independently, then this is a great opportunity to begin scanning for homes or apartments. If you’re moving out to make room for a growing family, meanwhile, take this time to evaluate the different homes in the market.

Before you start canvassing homes and preparing your budget, we first have to address a few concerns. If you’re looking to stay in the state, looking for homes will be much easier for you. For example, home listings in Utah will be easier and more accessible to inspect compared to those in California. While photos and videos can give you a glimpse of what your future home can look like, only a personal view of the property can really seal the deal before you move in.

If you live far away, it’s highly recommended that you scope out the potential property first before you consider purchasing it. Have multiple listings lined up for review so that you don’t waste any time by just looking at only one or two houses.

Here are the steps you should take.

Set a budget

You need to set a budget before you start canvassing for your new home or apartment. A real estate agent can help you with a few choices that can meet your budget.

Give yourself a little wiggle room and don’t set a very specific budget. If a certain property you like is a little over the budget, for instance, perhaps you can make little adjustments here and there just so you can have enough funds to purchase it.

You may not be able to see a property like that again, so set a decently sized budget and be ready to adjust whenever needed.

Look for the right size

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If you’re single, then a small bungalow might be more than enough for you. If you’re a couple hoping to start a family, then a larger duplex or townhouse might be more in your speed.

You should also factor in the number of items you’re planning to move in once you do buy the property. Even if you plan to live alone, if your work requires you large amounts of space, having a larger home should be a requirement.

Search for any signs of damages

Once you have a list of homes ready for viewing, you should always check the properties’ condition. Over the years and months, some signs of wear and damages might start to appear. It could be man-made or the result of environmental factors like storms or extreme heat.

If any damages do pose a problem, you can use that to haggle the price with the agent. The damages you see should also be factored in your budget if there are any immediate or major repair needs.

Searching for the perfect home will be tiring and time-consuming. But once you do find what you’re looking for, it will all be worth the sweat, time, and stress.

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