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Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Your Next Remodel

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. You don’t just go in there to get cleaned up; you may also spend some time pondering the unanswered questions of the universe. A study from the UK found that the average adult spends over three hours and nine minutes in the bathroom every week. Most of it is spent on the toilet. About one in four Americans spend more than an hour on the loo, too.

Since you spend a lot of time in your day in this small, enclosed space in your home, why not make it as pleasant as possible?

Adding Property Value

Getting a bathroom upgrade doesn’t just provide utmost comfort to you during your relaxing baths and number twos, it also a worthy investment. According to, homeowners who do midrange bathroom renovations recoup up to 67.2 percent of the costs. When it comes to upscale renovations that cost more than $60,000, homeowners recoup about 60 percent of the value.

Buyers who are looking for affordable houses and lots for sale would prefer a good-looking and functional bathroom. It is going to be on their house hunting checklist.

If you don’t have the budget nor the time to do a full renovation of your bathroom, you can do a series of small upgrades that are sure to improve your experience in this intimate space. ;


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It may not seem like much, but repainting alone can change the entire look of your bathroom. It can also hide possible imperfections on your wall, like mildew and water damage. Even though you’ve dealt with these issues, they can leave behind tough-to-clean stains and chips that you can’t cover-up. What’s great is that you can do this yourself. No professional help needed.

Just make sure you cover your appliances and fixtures up before doing anything. Use a neutral color like beige, soft cream, chelsea gray, and rock gray. These shades provide a pleasing look to your bathroom that will help you relax even more during your hot showers.

Get Some Natural Light In

The bathroom is one of the last places you’d want a large window in. However, it’s possible to add one to your shower without exposing too much of the room. It’ll add a lot of natural light into the space during the day. It also provides much-needed ventilation in your bathroom. Along with the exhaust fan, a window helps let mold and mildew-causing bacteria out of your shower.

If you’re really worried about privacy, ask your contractor to use frosted glass to hide your property completely from the outdoors while properly diffusing natural light.

You Deserve a Better Showerhead

Weak water pressure in the shower is one of the most annoying things to encounter when you’re in a rush. Although this can be caused by a variety of factors, the showerhead itself is often the culprit. If this constantly happens to you, it’s time to replace this fixture. It’s easy to do yourself, too. When it comes to selecting one, choose a standard-sized showerhead to make sure it fits your existing setup. Get a spa-like showerhead with different settings so you can customize your baths according to your preference.

You could even get a smart shower, which allows you to set temperatures, timers, and spray settings using voice assistant devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Some smart showers even come with speakers that you can connect your phone to and have the concert you’ve always wanted in your bathroom.

Upgrade Your Lighting

If you’re still using fluorescent lights for your bathroom, you’re wasting energy while getting little to no control over its brightness. Replace them with LED lights. They’re at least 25 percent more efficient than traditional bulbs.

Consider getting a dimmer switch as well, so you can set the mood for your relaxing dips in the tub. Some LED lights don’t need dimmer switches, too. You can get a smart bulb, which allows you to change the color and brightness of your lights. This is a project you can’t DIY, you’ll need the help of a licensed electrician and handyman to take care of the wiring and installation. Some replacements may also need touching up with paint.

Your bathroom is the place where you start and end your day. It’s only natural that it’s one of the first spaces in your home that you make improvements to. These suggestions not only enhance your bathroom experience but also improve your home’s value significantly. Although some of them may take a lot of effort to do, they’re well worth the comfort and aesthetic improvements they provide. ;

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