Pointers Every Beach House Owner Should Remember

Having a second property is a good way to earn passive income. A vacation house that you can rent out as a B&B can prove to be a lucrative business if you know how to manage it well. However, to maintain good marketability for your business, you have to consider the upkeep of it.

As you plan on running a B&B business, you have to be aware of the necessary overhead costs. The main expenses will come from maintenance, so knowing what will need fixing now and then will give you a good idea of your budget.

There are services available that would allow you to essentially leave your house in the hands of property managers. This comes with a price, though, so if you aren’t up for spending extra, better learn about what you need to do to keep your lodging in tip-top shape. The good news is it’s not far from what you already do with your main residence. The not-so-bad news: if you’re not very familiar with tropical climate areas, there are things you still have to learn.

Look Up Your Roof

Weather along coastal areas can be quite fickle. It occasionally rains cats and dogs, the sun can be pretty harsh on some days, and the sea salt air isn’t very kind to building materials. These factors contribute to the wear and tear of your roof. Make sure to regularly check for any damage, especially water damage.

Roof replacement and installment can be pricey so if you are just about to buy a beach house, check whether the roof is new or in good condition so you won’t have to replace it too soon.

Metal and Sea Air Do Not Match

Sea salt is very damaging to a lot of building materials. Being so near the ocean, the air carries sea salt and makes exposed metals corrode faster. If anything metal in your house’s facade is left unattended or not cleaned, it can be pretty destructive. Parts like doorknobs, metal frames, deadbolts, latches, etc., need to be regularly cleaned. Better yet, use materials that are specifically manufactured to withstand seaside conditions. Stainless steel is known to be very resistant to sea salt, so consider using it instead of copper or brass.

stilt house

Wood Rot and Pests

As mentioned, salt can damage your house pretty badly if not taken care of on a schedule. If your house is very near the water, look out for potential wood rot and damages in the wood foundation beneath your house. Add the rainy season as a factor and check the sidings for molds, sat damage, or rot. A good paint job can help protect your exterior from the elements, so make sure that the paint job is done properly and is finished with sealant. Through time though, it’s inevitable for the paint to chip, peel, or get scratched, so maintenance is still needed.

Termite control and other pests extermination should also be on your checklist because the warm climate is ideal for pets to thrive. Have your house treated as a preemptive measure and when you see signs of an infestation, call for services right away.

Clean Windows for a Clear View

It may seem obvious, but because beach houses are very near the ocean, your windows can suffer from the effects of, you guessed it, saltwater. All year round, your beach house will be exposed to water, sun, sand, and salt. If you haven’t heard of sea-spray, it’s when strong winds carry seawater, carrying with it the salt that didn’t dissolve. This salt then lands on your home’s exterior surfaces, including your windows. This coats the glass and makes it look cloudy, murky, and full of white specs.

Don’t Forget to Insure Your Property

Being along the coast poses risks to your house due to extreme weather, hurricanes, and storms. Therefore, if you are resolute on owning a beach house, you should bear in mind the probability of your property getting flooded. Research the area where you want to buy a property. Check its proximity to the water if located on a higher elevation or downhill towards the beach.

In this case, having insurance is a no-brainer. You may have to get special coverage for your property to be insured from floods, so definitely talk with your insurance company about your coverage. The price can be quite hefty depending on the provider, so be sure to shop around and find an insurance provider that will give you the best rates.

With these ideas in mind, you can ensure that the maintenance and protection of your property go well. Take the necessary steps so that you can profit off from it.

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