Because Location Matters: 3 Signs A Neighborhood Will Soon Be The Hottest in Your City

Location is a big thing when house hunting. Ideally, you want to score a lot and property in the most popular neighborhood in your city or town. But, of course, that rarely happens in real life. Because one, your budget doesn’t allow it sometimes. Two, there’s just no space left for you. If you’re in this dilemma, no need to feel sorry for yourself. No need to force yourself into the hottest community. You know what you must do? Spot the next hot one. Before the prices go up and the spaces get occupied, score a home at an up-and-coming neighborhood by watching out for these signs:

Artists moving in

The creative people are the ones who lead the redefining and refining of a certain area’s image. Their artistry, the music and the art they bring, makes the neighborhood cool and sophisticated. The cultured of the society also goes after these people to consume their art, so the community all the more becomes more prominent. Soon, the ‘elites’ are not just flocking to gigs at bars and museums, but they’re actually moving in and living there.

If you want to be an early settler in the next popular neighborhood, go where the creative people go. Tap into your social circles. For sure, you have a friend or two or a friend of a friend of a friend who’s into the art scene. See where they hang out, work, and live. As a side note, young people are also drivers of change in a certain area. You also want to watch out where they’re moving in.

Renovations on going

construction site

The next popular neighborhood is often unassuming. Precisely because it’s often filled with abandoned warehouses or parks. Don’t be sidetracked, though. If the local government decides to clean up the area, for instance, renovate parks or allow big businesses to build condos, hospitals, cafes, and whatnot, it’s guaranteed that the neighborhood will soon be the hottest in the market. Wait a month or two into these renovations and house prices will be up. Before that happens and your dream homes go beyond your budget again, go to town meetings and learn where the renovation projects are. Aside from commercial properties, keep an eye on houses being flipped, too, as these are indicative of up-and-coming communities as well. Consider those new home developments in St. George, Utah, in your house hunting this weekend.

Local prices going up

The costs of goods and services in the place are also to watch out for. Do a bit of surveying in local stores and restaurants in the neighborhood you’re eyeing. Ask the baristas or the boutique owners if they’ve increased prices in the last few months. If they did, that means the image of the neighborhood is improving. Which also entails, it’s gearing up to be the next hot community. This is one of the best times to move into the neighborhood, just when there are only gradual increases in the prices of products. Inspect the residential communities near the establishments and make your move fast once you see a home that ticks off your needs and wants.

If you want to save some cash on your next home or live in a hip neighborhood just before the rest of the world does, be sensitive to these signs. Don’t miss a good opportunity.

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