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Before You Sign Your Lease, You Need to Look at These Things

Each business needs to know what they are getting into when signing a commercial lease. Many people do not realize the importance of these things until it becomes too late, and then they have to deal with potential issues that could have been avoided if they had known sooner. This information can help save both time and money in the future.

When looking to lease an office, you must take into account the size of the space. There are usually very specific dimensions that come along with it. If your business needs more room, you will need to consider moving elsewhere for a larger location once you outgrow your current spot.

Office buildings typically do not offer additional square footage without a price, but you can come to a compromise with the leasing agent if it is necessary to meet your company’s particular needs. This way, both parties will be satisfied in a win-win situation. Before approaching them about negotiations, make sure that your arrangement is something they would be willing to work on within the specified cost and time.

Suppose there are any issues before moving into the office building with the commercial real estate agents. In that case, they may not accept anything from you afterward since they do not want things to become an inconvenience or extra financial burden on their end.

Inspect the parking situation

There are a lot of benefits that come with leasing office spaces in buildings that provide convenient and ample parking for employees and customers alike. This way, people will not have to search too hard to find a place to park and will be able to spend more time working rather than finding somewhere safe to leave their vehicles.

Nothing is worse than having your employees or potential clients choose alternate options so they can avoid an awkward encounter trying to look for spots available. It is also important to consider this before bringing any expensive company cars into the picture since unmonitored private vehicle usage might lead to abuse and possible accidents on the company’s dime.

Look at the surrounding area and traffic conditions to see what type of roadwork is going on and how often it happens. It would be frustrating after spending so much time looking for a building with an adequate parking situation only to find out that one of your main streets has been blocked off to make room for further construction. Some construction projects could last months, or even years before they are completed, which would cause problems if there were no signs to warn potential clients about such inconveniences beforehand.

Scan The Area

Consider the proximity of other offices in the area. Since you will not always have control over who else shares the same space as you and could potentially affect your everyday life and daily routine, you must consider this before moving into an office building. Having too many annoyances can affect your company’s productivity and could even dissuade potential clients from working with you if they are unsatisfied.

Be aware of how possible noise disturbances will affect a specific location. A lot of spaces come with shared walls or ceilings, which can cause problems with noise pollution when things get too loud. This is why it is important to consider the decibel level of your business before moving in so that you will not disrupt any other tenants in the building once they come in for work.

Having a high sound value or decibel range can be the cause for concern if you are planning on providing meals and beverages on-site since the smell could travel through vents and disturb other clients trying to enjoy their quiet time away from home.

Possible Hazards

Take precautions against possible fire hazards due to electrical surges. It would be terrible if something happened to your company’s property during regular activities because someone neglected to take care of an issue beforehand, which is why it is important to bring your attention to these things before signing any leases.

History of The Building

Do your research on the history of the building. The age of a building is not always indicative of its functionality, but it can give you an idea of some possible problems that might arise in the future. This way, you can figure out which type of necessary updates your business would need to make before moving in so that it will be up to current standards like water pipeline problems which are common with old infrastructures. Suppose it does happen; better contact a plumber before the issue gets worse. Get your pipeline checked, too, and ask if there’s anything that needs to be done.

It would be awful if something happened during use because someone decided against taking preventative measures beforehand, especially since most leasing agreements are considered for “as-is” with no warranties or guarantees given. Be sure to take special care when signing any contracts and paying any deposits by researching what you are getting yourself into with each potential option available.

Furniture and Materials

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Stay focused on what materials are allowed inside the building. Since most office buildings have strict rules regarding what type of decor and furniture you will be able to move into your new office, it would be best to note beforehand so that there will not be any issues once everything gets set up. These policies are probably already in place so that it will be harder for any office space to become cluttered and congested with items they do not want to deal with.

There is nothing more frustrating than moving into a new office building only to find out you can’t put up any decorations or furniture without asking for permission first.


Ask about what type of liability insurance they provide when renting. This will prevent the need for your company to pay out-of-pocket in case anything bad happens on their property, like injuries and accidents that occur during regular activities.

When you are signing the lease, there might be several policies and regulations that might cause some confusion since these materials can get complicated if you don’t understand them readily. It is advised that you seek legal counsel to help explain these policies in plain English since the leasing agents most likely will not answer your questions with any substantial information.

Before you sign the next lease for your commercial building, know these things, and make sure that this space will be suitable enough for your company’s needs before you finally move in. This way, there will be no issues when working with this office over time, and everything should go smoothly once you’re settled in!

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