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Workplace Safety: Top Benefit of Renewable Energy

It’s an emergency that doesn’t feel like it. That’s the problem with global warming. As we go through our lives every day, we hardly speak about it. In a sense, it’s not within our radar even when it should be. But experts paint a doomsday scenario that everyone should be wary about. If we’re to stay the course, a third of all flora and fauna on the planet could face extinction. Think about it. Imagine a planet with a third of the animals we see today gone.

This is why making the most of renewable energy instead of fossil-fuel energy such as gas and oil is worth your while. Promoting an eco-friendly planet means we end up with a better planet for everyone, human and otherwise. Indeed, it’s a tall order. We’ve been so dependent on fossil fuel for centuries.

Ever since, Henry Ford made the ‘carriage-less wagon’ a reality, our streets have been a-washed with fossil fuel for more than decades now. But let’s not forget, fossil fuels have a limit and if we’re not to make a switch, we could be depleting our sources before we know it.

The good news is there’s more reason for you to consider renewable energy for the workplace now. As will be apparent below, using eco-friendly energy will improve your bottom line like never before.

Greater Health

Well there’s no going about it. Jobs do sometimes kill people. In 2019 alone, there were 5 333 work-related fatalities that happened in America. That number represents a 2% increase of the data the year before that, Bureau of Labor and Statistics detail.

To put things in perspective, the 2019 numbers mean there is one worker who died every 99 minutes due to work-related injuries. While hazards at work vary in every industry, the construction industry has the most deaths, with 1,061 deaths total.

Aside from the immediate danger workplaces may contribute to employees, there are other risks that could generate long-term damage. We’re talking about health issues.

This is where renewable energy proves to be much safer for everyone. By definition, is energy that is unlimited. Unlike fossil fuel which many dubs as dirty, renewable energy will last indefinitely. Better yet, these energy sources have much lower carbon emissions contributing far less pollution to the planet. In short, these are eco-friendly sources.

solar panel

A glorious example is solar energy. Sun’s energy is considered limitless as the sun is expected to last for billions of years more. Another example is wind energy. Since man traveled through the sea, boats have been powered by the wind. To generate substantial wind energy, giant propeller-like blades are made to turn around a rotor. These blades are so big, powerful wind energy transport vehicles are used to transport them from one place to the other.

Be careful about where you work. Studies reveal that workers working in the solar industry are healthier compared to those employees working in manufacturing industries. Meaning, those working in renewable energy companies are not exposed to unhealthy toxic compounds released by gas plants and coal mines.

Just think about it. Companies that deploy large and heavy equipment have resulted in 26,653 fatalities in their fossil fuel-dependent energy systems. This is cumulative data from the years 1 74 to the year 2014.

Cleaner Energy Means Better Jobs

No doubt renewable energy is a relatively new sector. However, a distinction must be made. While it’s true renewable energy is a lot more sustainable than fossil fuel, renewable energy is not totally eco-friendly.

For one, harnessing wind energy could mean fewer birds in the area. Figures regarding fatalities of birds due to these wind turbines are estimated to be thousands. Additionally, wind turbines as big as they are noisy when in full swing. Plus, many tourists in the area where these are placed would find the scenic landscapes often interrupted with their presence. Today, there are about 6 ,000 wind turbines in America.

Take note that wind energy is also considered solar energy as the winds are a function of the heating of the sun. Other means of renewable energy are ocean energy and water energy. A dam is a good example of harnessing the power of water. However, they’re not totally eco-friendly as they can harm fish and other wildlife.

However, the disadvantages of renewable energy are far outweighed by its benefits. Thus, the trend towards greater renewable energy sources is rising.

This means more and more cleaner jobs would be available in the near future. Additionally, this can be a wake-up call for other industries. They should start to pivot their energy sources to renewable. And in the process, they’ll not only be healthier but also help Mother Earth to stay on top condition.

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