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Best Vacation Ever: How to Enjoy Summer 2020 While Staying Home

Face it. You would not be able to fly off to Bali or Hawaii this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, your summer 2020 does not need to be boring. Here are some ideas for a fun and relaxing vacation without walking out of your front door.

Let the Water Flow

Even if you do not have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can still cool off with water. You can easily buy an inflatable pool on Amazon. Do not worry; there are bigger sizes that will fit not just one but several adults at once.

Better yet, go all out and get yourself a hot tub. Contact your local hot tub dealers to check prices. While it will not be cheap, having a hot tub will be great, not just for this summer. You can use it all-year-round.

However, you do not have to spend a lot this summer. There are water activities that would not cost you much but will still provide you reprieve from the warm weather. For example, fill balloons with water or equip each member of your family/friends with water guns for a fun water fight.

Create Your Own Spa

Missing the relaxing experience you get from a hotel or resort spas? You can recreate the vibe at home, and it will not be too difficult.

Light a few scented candles. Play soothing ambient music. You can also buy face masks or make your own at home. Give your partner or your friend a massage (and ask them to do the same for you). Drop a bath bomb in your tub.

More importantly, turn off your phone. Cancel all your plans. On spa day, you are not allowed to work. Just relax and imagine that you are in a tropical destination.

Host Your Own Music Festival

All the most popular music festivals around the world were canceled this year. If you are missing Coachella or Glastonbury, you can try to recreate the experience in your home. Grab your closest friends to see your favorite bands – virtually. YouTube streams performances from previous music festivals and featuring many famous artists from this generation and past.

Do not forget to dress up in your most outlandishly fashionable outfits to get the music festival feel.

While it will not be exactly like Governor’s Ball or Primavera, there are certain advantages to hosting your music festival at home. For one, you do not have to hold your pee as you wait in a long line to the bathroom.

Cook a Fancy Dinner


Whip up a three-course meal at home! You do not have to be a pro. There are tons of recipes out there that, if you follow to a T, would turn out like a chef in a five-star restaurant made it.

Go adventurous. Try out different cuisines every night to make the experience feel like you are vacationing out of town.

Decorate the table with your fancy dinnerware and light a few candles for a romantic vibe. Do not forget to cap it off with an expensive bottle of red wine.

Summer only happens once a year. You cannot just let it pass without having fun. Try out these tips to have the best vacation you ever had.

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