Brand Recall: Three Cost-effective Ways to Make Consumers Remember You

The digital market grows increasingly competitive each day as more businesses start building their online presence. The oversaturation makes it more difficult for brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors and vie for the attention of their target market.

Businesses have to invest in brand awareness strategies. Getting people to recognize and trust your brand is the first step to generating leads and getting loyal customers. But putting your name out there can get expensive, and not every strategy becomes successful.

Below are three cost-effective ways to improve brand recall, making your target audience remember you.

Social Media Campaign

Social media offers an inexpensive way to reach lots of people and build meaningful relationships with your audience. Even if you don’t boost your posts on Facebook or Instagram, you can still get high impressions and engagements.

One way to increase brand awareness through social media is by trend-jacking. This means creating content based on trending topics, hashtags, news or even memes. There’s value in humorous social media posts. They get people’s attention, convincing them to engage with your content.

One brand that has established a reputation for its hilarious social media personality is Wendy’s. The fast food chain responds to mentions on Twitter and often engages in sassy banters with its competitors. Wendy’s social media strategy is a great way to drive interactions on social media and create interest and noise around its brand.

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Direct Mail Marketing

Trolling on social media, as shown by Wendy’s, is a highly generational strategy. Not every consumer will appreciate it.

Direct mail marketing, on the other hand, can please consumers of any age. Even in the digital, direct mail still has value. It can be a great tool for personalization, which is important in establishing relationships with your prospects.

Many brands use direct mail marketing API to send discount coupons, free samples and other useful items that will catch the attention of the recipient.

You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on a direct mail strategy. You can mail an initial package to a small group of recipients. Measure the performance of the strategy, then tweak it a bit based on your assessment before sending out another batch.

PPC Advertising

The great thing about pay-per-click advertising is that you can a limit for your ad spend, ensuring that you won’t go over your budget. Another perk of PPC ads is they can give you hard, fast results even with a limited budget.

PPC ads appear on various digital channels, depending on your target audience. You can launch ads on social media, search engine results pages or partner websites. The ads are highly targeted, reaching people who have high chances of buying your product or service.

Paid media advertising also makes an effective remarketing strategy, letting you recapture lost leads. They can tap into users who visited your website before but didn’t purchase anything.

The key to creating an effective brand awareness strategy is to understand your audience. Analyze their purchasing habits, online behavior and interests. This information will help you design a strategy that meets their demands and expectations as consumers. And when shoppers notice that you took the time to understand their needs, they’ll surely remember you.

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