Does Your Garden’s State Affect the Salability of Your Property?

Recent studies and figures showed that a well-manicured lawn, garden, and backyard could increase a property’s value by as much as 20%. The study took into account more than 5,000 respondents from nine different countries. They’re all saying the same thing: a beautiful garden boosts the property’s value. It means you can sell it for more than the average price of a property of the same size. Consumers and real estate agents are realizing the fact that gardens and backyards are the best investments for homeowners who eventually want to sell their properties.

So, if you’re thinking of putting your property on the market soon, you better start taking care of the garden more. You can apply a layer of mulch on the surface of the soil to conserve soil moisture and improve its health and fertility. That will make it easier for you to plant shrubs, flowers, and fruit-bearing trees in your garden. Once you start taking care of your garden more, you’ll find that it’s therapeutic. The additional value to your home is a bonus, of course.

Sheds and Outdoor Kitchens

small pond in the backyardA feature that most people are looking for in a backyard or garden is a shed, patio, outdoor kitchen, or deck. In the United Kingdom, more than 21 million Britons own a shed. It can be used to host outdoor parties, dens, and even home offices. As long as it is wired for electricity, it’ll likely give your property’s value a boost.

The shed doesn’t have to look like it was a cutout from Architectural Digest. It needs to be functional enough. It needs to have a roof that will protect gardening tools and barbecue supplies from the weather. Some chairs and a large table will also be great for potential homebuyers who love organizing backyard barbecues.


The most important feature of the garden is the lawn. Studies suggest that the lawn can add 0.2% more value to a property for every percentage of the ground it covers. That means if your property has a 50% lawn, it will add 10% to your property’s value. But that doesn’t mean you can just leave your yard empty and dirty. Sure, it’s nice to have a huge lawn where the kids can have fun, but it needs to be well-maintained to attract buyers.

If the lawn is poorly maintained, it will do the opposite. It will decrease the property’s value by as much as 15%. So instead of inviting potential buyers to see your home when the lawn isn’t ready yet, re-schedule it for a later time when the garden is lush with green grass, and the flowers are blooming. That will make the property more attractive.

Social Spaces

The garden is more than a place for your succulent plants, orchids, and the likes. It’s a social space, too. Make sure that it’s well-maintained to make potential buyers consider your property. Put some outdoor lighting to make it look like an alfresco dining area in Europe. Make the lawn as homey as possible with a few fairy lights wrapped around tree branches. Good lighting will convert your yard into a beautiful outdoor space.

When showing the house to potential buyers, make sure that they get to see it at night, too. That will reinforce their need and want of your property. When they see how beautiful the garden and backyard look at night, this will make them want the property more.

Other Factors to Consider

But, you also need to avoid some things when making your garden as beautiful as possible. You cannot go overboard with your design and features. Homeowners don’t want their gardens to be high maintenance. If it requires a lot of upkeep, they may balk at the idea of spending time on it when they barely have time for themselves.

Privacy is also an essential feature for potential buyers. You may want to show off your garden to your neighbors, but the new potential owners might now. You have to consider putting up a tall fence around your property, especially if you’re selling your property as a family home. Young children can wander off the streets when there’s no fence around the house.

Remember that buyers are looking for a space both inside the house and outside of it. People want to spend as much time as they can outdoors. Nobody wants to get cooped up indoors. Even a few minutes under the sun will give your mood a boost. That’s the kind of lifestyle you are selling with your home.

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