Building a Timeless Home in the Midst of Trends

Timeless. Elegant. These two words are the most common adjectives that come out of the mouths of homeowners when they start building their homes. Well, those and comfort. Knowing that your home will remain beautiful twenty years from now, despite the ever-changing definition of beauty, is one of the main factors that contribute to the decisions concerning the details of the house.

Timeless elegance is usually associated with the chateauesque homes of the past. Until now, after centuries, they remain stately like the renaissance architecture they are based on. They still evoke the same grandeur as before, even after the architectural trends which led people’s eyes towards the minimalist style of today’s modern buildings. The metal gates and fencing gave the European chateaus their untouchable quality as if only a chosen few can come inside. Consequently, it has been incorporated in today’s homes.

These classic-styled structures have proven that they can stand the test of time— design-wise and function-wise. Because of the certainty that comes with this type of style, some people are choosing timeless designs over the current trends. This is achieved by merging elements from the past to the modern structure of today.

Because your home is an investment, you want it to still look its best decades after. Here are some rules you can follow for your home to retain its timeless elegance:

If you’re going to use patterns, stick to the classic ones.

Patterns are tricky when it comes to decorating. As a basic rule, keep in mind that it’s best to use a minimum of three patterns in varying degrees. Always think of symmetry; do not throw all patterns in one area of the room.

For timeless patterns, go for stripes, botanicals, plaids, and damasks. Patterns such as animal prints, geometrics, and chevrons could be workable in rooms with classic designs, but investing in these prints will not guarantee you of their longevity. It’s still best to go for the tried and tested patterns, as seen from stately homes.

Have the main highlight in any room.

dining room

The main focus of a room can come from the structure’s architecture, such as the room’s vast windows, or it can be created by adding an artwork or statement furniture in an area. Doing so will give the room a picturesque quality and will give your eyes something to feast upon. If you want to add a hint of modernity in your abode, you can use contemporary artwork amid classic pieces.

Choosing a place to highlight is not black and white. Pick an area of the room where your eyes naturally gaze upon. One in every room of the house is enough to refrain from having a chaotic space.

Choose the quality at all times.

Furniture will take a lot of space in your home. Knowing this, you can say that furniture can make or break the look of your home. Choosing quality furniture is not only an aesthetic decision but a financial one. Low-quality furniture is usually for temporary use, and it creates a cut-rate vibe to an otherwise beautiful home.

This choice is not exclusive to furniture. When it comes to other details of your home like fabrics, fences, and tiles. If you want to achieve timeless elegance, go for materials that are visually pleasing and are meant for long-term use.

Whatever vibe you are going for, always keep in mind the type of materials you’ll be using. A piece of advice: it’s better to invest in timeless pieces than to follow trends that come and go. Be wise when it comes to your home.

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