Moving Your Business Outdoors in Time of COVID-19

Businesses were left with no choice but to take the necessary health and safety precautions during the pandemic. For some, this meant closing their businesses for a while after the government rendered their offers non-essential. Others had to make other arrangements to reduce the number of employees working at the same time. There are brands who can’t help but take their business online to better cater to consumers. But for others, they are moving their business outdoors.

Before, many brand owners take their outdoor space for granted. They only see this as an extension of their branding. They simply want the outdoors of their office to be clean, professional-looking, and one bearing their name to entice customers.

But now, the great outdoors serves as a place of comfort and business. Brands make the best use of their outdoor space not just a part of their marketing. Many are actually utilizing the space to accomplish many things, like the following.

Meet Covid-19 Guidelines

Health experts say that the great outdoors is a safer place for people during the pandemic. Consumers now fear visiting and staying in crowded, enclosed spaces even if it meant buying their essentials. Taking your offers outside provides you the opportunity to increase your sales while improving your consumer’s confidence.

But before you start your operations outdoors, make sure you consider all the important details. For one, you need to keep the health and safety rules in mind. This includes the following.

  • Routine cleaning and disinfection
  • Training and educating employees on health and safety protocols
  • Posting signs to ensure social distancing practices
  • Setting up touchless sanitizer and handwashing stations
  • Utilizing contactless payment

Aside from these rules, it is also a must that you read the fine print and secure a permit before taking the business outdoors. You want to make sure that you check your city business rules and regulations when it comes to the exterior use of your business premises. If you are only renting the place, be sure to check with your landlord.

Improve Employee’s Job Satisfaction Rate


Having an outdoor space where your employees can take a break and unwind is essential for their mental health. Remember that no matter the job description, work-related stress is a possibility. You want to give your employees a nice and relaxing area to breathe fresh air and reduce their stress levels before going back to work.

You can create a balcony or patio where your employees can chill. They can also use this space as another place for brainstorming around nature. Just make sure you get everything they might need to stay comfortable.

For starters, you’ll need a reliable outdoor patio awning to keep your employees free from harsh sunlight, especially during summer. There is also a need to invest in comfortable seating areas. It is worth designing the area in a way that will complement the interiors of your office space.

Remember that the less stressed your employees are, the more satisfied and engaged they are. Satisfied employees are happy and loyal employees. They are more likely to stay productive if you show that you care enough about your employees.

Embrace the Opportunity to Support Sustainability


Imagine having a natural outdoor oasis right outside your business premises. This could mean having lush vertical green walls, hardscape made from green and sustainable materials, and energy-efficient lighting solutions. All these do more than just improve the outdoor space of your business premise.

These also help in showing everyone that you are embracing your corporate social responsibility. Now that more consumers are demanding businesses to be more sustainable, this can be your first step in showing you made the eco-friendly switch. Just one look at your outdoor garden and landscaping can be enough to show old customers and new prospects that you are making the effort to go green.

According to a new study, sustainability matters in talent acquisition and retention. More employees and talents from every industry want to work with businesses that embrace sustainability. This means you can retain your best employees and attract great talents for showing your brand’s sustainable side.

Today’s modern talents make use of many factors before choosing a brand they wish to apply. Making use of your outdoor space in favor of your employees, clients, and sustainability is a good way to attract their attention. Remember that workplace amenities are one factor that many millennials and Gen Zs check when applying for a job.

An outdoor space is now essential for businesses of all kinds. It does not matter if your business is transacting purely offline or not. You can use take advantage of your outdoor space to accomplish many goals. You can do this in favor of your customers, employees, and your company’s success.

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