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Business Talk: Knowing When to Exit

Businesses make up the backbone of the U.S. economy, making entrepreneurship a very promising venture. In fact, Salt Lake City, Utah, has been recognized as the second top entrepreneurial location by Inc. Magazine due to the attractive opportunities that it offers.

However, despite being rewarding, business ownership is a complicated matter. Not only does it entail gigantic responsibilities, but the owner also faces undesirable circumstances that they must maneuver against. Moreover, with the constant shifts and changes in the economy, running a business becomes even riskier.

Although selling a business may not seem like an appealing option, it’s a wise course of action to take when encountering a variety of situations. Accordingly, in this guide, we’ll provide you with particular reasons why opting to sell a business in Salt Lake City can be a better choice than retaining ownership.

You need a fresh start

So you had come up with an innovative idea and to turn it into profits, you decided to open a business. However, what if you developed a new realization several years later? For instance, maybe you suddenly grew a desire to pursue a different career path or enter another industry.

Of course, it can be hard to let go of a business when you think about the amount of time, effort, and financial resources that had been poured for its operation. However, staying can be more detrimental to your company if you have lost the excitement and motivation to run it properly.

According to Cindy Anderson, the owner and managing partner of Thinc Strategy, if a business has reached a point of stability, it’s a sound decision to simply move forward, cash out your company, and start afresh venture with your newly acquired resources.

You have already achieved financial freedom and security

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John Brown, the founder of Business Enterprise Institute explains that another good motivation for selling a business is attaining a level of financial security that you deem adequate and feeling the need to step down from the head position to peacefully enjoy the wealth you’ve built.

Whether you want to retire early or just open a less time-consuming and physically straining business, selling your current enterprise can help you achieve the laid-back lifestyle that you want.

You’re moving to a new state or country

If you decide to permanently live in a new state or country, it will be difficult to manage your business from your area of residence because of the considerable distance. More importantly, relocating a business can be tricky since market demands and consumer psychographics and demographics can vary greatly from one place to another.

Additionally, laws and regulations differ in another state and more so, in another country. It’s also not likely that your business will gain the level of success that it had in its original location. Furthermore, running a business from afar is costly and stressful so it’s better to let go of the business and establish one in your new residential area.

You are too exhausted emotionally, physically, and mentally

According to Brian Hamilton, founder of the Brian Hamilton Foundation, if management issues and administrative problems are taking a toll on your health, it will be best for you to let go of the company.

Moreover, if running your business has led you to suffer from anxiety and chronic stress, you should look into an exit strategy to prevent the further deterioration of your mental and physical well-being. Consult your therapist and ask for their professional recommendation before you finalize your decision.

American writer Steve Maraboli affirms that “unless you let go… you cannot move forward.” This does not just apply to personal ventures but also to business. If you believe that letting go of a company will be more beneficial, then it’s best for you to simply move on.

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