Chasing Waterfalls: Outdoor Water Features Can Attract Customers

There’s something inherently fascinating about water features. From magnificent natural phenomena, like the thundering Niagara Falls, to cute battery-operated watermills that you find in kitschy stores, water features can capture your attention. This is one of the reasons residential and commercial property owners have elaborate water mechanisms installed.

Of course, some water features are more awe-inspiring than others. For instance, few fountains in the world can compare to the majesty of the waterworks in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Take a closer look at how modern machinery blasts thousands of gallons of water into the desert sky.

The Bellagio Fountains by the Numbers

The iconic waterworks in front of the Bellagio Hotel first came to life in the late ’90s, to the tune of $50 million. Building such a water feature required things, such as high-quality fountain waterproofing and an impressive amount of engineering. When the company had finished installing the machinery, the Bellagio fountains shot water 460 feet into the air, almost as high as the building behind it. The massive machines that make this possible exert 460 pound-force per square inch, forcing a torrent of water out of its 5,000 nozzles. The fountains also feature Oarsmen, fountainheads that sway from side-to-side in a coordinated pattern to produce the spectacle that Las Vegas tourists enjoy to this day.

There are 12,000 water-emitting machines in the artificial lake. Collectively, 5 million gallons of water pass through them every day, about one-fourth of the lake’s contents. This water first has to flow through 52 barge-mounted pool filters. The hotel deposits any loose coins that the barge collects into different charities.

You may be wondering why any entrepreneur would install such a colossal water feature outside their business at all. It’s because water features, if they have the right design, are investments.

Water Features in the Workplace

Water fixtures

A marketing strategist noted that the Bellagio fountain is the number one Las Vegas attraction because its water shows are so compelling. People share photos and videos of themselves near the Bellagio or of the water shows on platforms such as social media thereby generating what is essentially free publicity for the hotel.

Fountains and other waterworks can capture people’s attention. The cooling mist of their spray can lure passersby to sit at their edges. Children and their parents could approach water features to look at how the jets and streams play with one another. Or fantastic sculptures in the style of Bernini and other artists can compel them to come closer.

You can integrate innovate branding with precise engineering to come up with ways to incorporate your business’s logo to a water feature in front of your office.

Your office water feature doesn’t have to be as bombastic as the Bellagio’s to draw people and their attention to your business. You just have to work with innovative engineers and architects.  You must channel your thoughts about your business and what it stands for like a fountain channels water: efficiently and creatively. The right idea and the correct execution can make your fountain, and your business, a recognizable landmark of your community, rather than another obscure business.

Choose recognition. Choose prosperity. Choose an outdoor water feature.

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