Cost-Effective Decorating Tips for Your Kid’s Bedroom

There are so many room inspirations all over the internet. From nurseries to kids’ bedrooms, the perfectly curated color palette and furniture combination make you want to redecorate your own kids’ bedroom.

Since kids are usually inspired by what they see in the movies and TV shows, the vision they have for their room always leads to movie sets and fairytale backdrops. As much as you want to make their childhood memorable by giving them the room of their dreams, the thought that they will eventually grow up and change their interest can make you take a step back and ask, “Is the price of redecoration worth it?”

Of course, it’s worth it. They are only kids once. This makes their childhood a priceless period for them to live and for you to witness.

As a parent, it is normal to want to give them a room where their imagination can run wild. The good thing is, giving them the room of their dreams can be achieved without spending too much. All you need is a vast imagination and a sense of practicality. From wallpaper decal to refurbished furniture, achieving a Pinterest-worthy room for your kids is a possibility.

Here are some fun ideas to try for your redecorating project:

  1. Use wallpaper decal instead of purchasing a themed bed frame.

Purchasing themed furniture, like a bed, to complete the look of your themed room is not a smart move. If you have the extra bucks, why not? But a bed is an investment which can be used for a long time, even decades! As an alternative, use a wallpaper decal on the wall where the bed is pushed against. Decorating the wall with smartly chosen doodles to match the room’s theme can have the same effect as buying a themed bed frame. Plus, a decal is removable, so you don’t have to worry about having the room repainted when your child becomes a teenager.

  1. Take into consideration your child’s interest in choosing the theme of the room.

kids bedroom colorful drawer

Kids get interested in a character, animal, or movie when growing up. From dinosaurs to superheroes, they like seeing them in their toys, lunchboxes, and pajamas. Surely, you will garner hugs and kisses from your kid by using his or her interest as inspiration in room decoration. You can do this by purchasing beddings that will go along with the theme. You can also use your kid’s collection of toys as decorations. This way, when your child grows up, you will not need to repurchase things that will cost a lot.

  1. Try restoring old furniture and make them child-friendly.

Allow your mind to imagine the possibilities. Be creative and use unlikely materials in creating storage in your kid’s room. Repaint an old locker from a second-hand store and use it as a closet. You can also choose to repaint wooden crates in muted yet fresh colors and use them as storage for toys. To reuse an old couch, try to reupholster it using bold patterns like plaid or floral. Restoring old furniture is cost-effective, and at the same time, it’s sustainable—a practice that you can teach your kids early on.

A kid’s room is a place where they have fun and get creative. As you decorate their rooms, make sure you are also having fun. Let your imagination lead you to creativity.

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